But is it genius proof?

OK I’m probably not a genius, I say probably because I enjoy on-line IQ tests but have had results ranging from “can not chew gum and walk” to Sherlock would be impressed” so… you know… probably not. The point is that they make things “idiot proof” but then it turns out intelligent people struggle, I have issues with the reasons for phrases and things, here are my top four examples.


Putting ice in drinks

I was 30 and pregnant before I realised what the point was, I chug drinks, I am thirsty, I drink, I’m done. Also it does not get THAT warm in my part of the world all that often so even a drink sat out won’t get warn that quickly.



This one contradicts most of the last one to be fair and I only worked it when my thyroid started playing up, I do not like warm feet, it takes a lot for me feet to get cold, I meal walking to the end of the road in the snow to take the bins out and my feet and cool kind of thing.


“I’ll plant you”

This was the most used threat of my childhood and I was 25 and working on my allotment the day I figured that one out, no excuses, I was just a bit thick.


Plug sockets

OK, not the sockets themselves but why my flat had so many, This was revealed to me when Crochet Widower started living in my little flat.


I also tend to assume that if I know something then everyone does, this leads to people miss understanding my intentions and I can come across as condescending when I have just learned a new thing that, as it turns out, the rest of the world new since they were 6. Or I can make people feel a little bad when I assume they know something that is actually NOT common knowledge and I think they are joking about not knowing it.


This can be a particular issue with writing crochet patterns as most of the crochet techniques I have met seem quite obvious to me (I’m using them after all) and I can forget that most people have to concentrate on what they are doing and my not automatically do some of the things that I see as muscle memory. The one advantage of this being me is that I like questions, I particularly like “why?”, so when someone asks “how?” or “why?” or “what are you on about crazy lady?” I never think badly of THEM, if a pupil does not understand it is the teachers problem not the pupils.



Well that was odd, so TTFN




2 thoughts on “But is it genius proof?

  1. LOL As a dumb wit at crochet….I will get it, just not yet that’s all !!! I tend to get over excited when I learn something crochet related, this comes from someone who only a couple of years found out Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker,s dad D’oh

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