Costumes, Clowns, and Conundrums

If you have been a friend of mine for any length of time you will know I LOVE Halloween and any excuse for a costume, and the fact that Crochet Widower does too is one of the reasons I married him (Actually in my head, he may say different, we met in costume). So on Friday night The Witches piled in and we got ready for our night out, it is in fact my one guaranteed night out a year as The Sister has been booked to have The Hellions over night since The Clone was born seven years ago.

I did not know at the time just how awful the camera on my phone was in the dark and I’m not even sure it has a flash, so these are the photo’s I took.

In the interest of having visuals to go with this blog post, you know, as it’s about the costumes and all, I have stolen photos off The Witches, they won’t mind I’m sure.

I was a banshee (obviously 😉 ) Rae and Helena had not planned or even told each other about their matching Doctor and Amy Pond costumes, Crochet Widower did a grand job as Gru, Ellen as Delirium (from The Sandman comics), Tracy was Elvira and I am in love with her glasses, and Tom was there as well.

On the walk in to town I was asked by a chap to do a selfie with him and a different chap gave me a high five. I then spent a lot of the evening looking as creepy as possible staring out of the window trying to creep people out, if I missed an opportunity The Witches would tell me to look. I noticed that a lot of the time “big hard” men would look sideways and pretend not to see me.

Being dedicate to our costumes created some small difficulties with eating and drinking, here I was dropping sweets in to my mouth through my teeth, and Gru gave up with the straw and just dipped his nose in the glass. I was drinking larger with a straw and you should have seen me drinking a shot.

Gru found a Minion, the clown and devil were very nice chaps indeed, and Terminator was with a group that included Bane. On the way home we were rating a couple’s Joker and Harley costume when they turned out to be a school friend and her husband.

In the pub that Crochet Widower has adopted for his lads nights (it is tiny by the way) they have a sewing machine table with the sewing machine still attached, so I HAD to have a play. During the evening Helena would stare behind people and put another mark on her tally. As usual I shouted about wanting to go dancing and demanded pizza.

On to the conundrum

I have the second craft fair at the end of the month now I already have plenty of stock

I have lots of purses, some shopping bags, and amigurumis. Now this is plenty I know, BUT

Should I make some nate sets? I do have a few bits but it’s hit and miss if they sell. How about some Nativity treos? The Full sets take too long to risk having leftovers. And. Lastly, I haven’t made Christmas puddings for craft fairs before, should I? Or should I just make a start writing the men’s cardigan pattern I bought the yarn for months ago?


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