The Sainted Hollie

On Friday I went to see Hollie McNish  at Gorilla in Manchester with my mum, sister and some friends.

I will start with food, like WE did, OH MY BOB. Now, I have a problem with menus, I am hopeless at choosing what I would like to eat because I want everything and Friday was no exception. I eventually settles on black bean salad with chipotle halloumi, it came on a tin plate in a good size portion and was amazing. As the mother of two, one of whom is going through the no vegetable stage, having a meal that was grown up, tasty, and filling was a real treat. The one problem I have is that my sister had a aubergine (egg plant for my American friends) burger, and I have wanted one since Saturday afternoon, with mushrooms, mmmmmmmmm.

On to the show; Hollie was supported by Keisha Thompson , it was her birthday and she was working, what a star. I am in awe of anyone who can put their feeling in to words never mind in an interesting and thought provoking way, and Keisha was most eloquent and confidant but also human and approachable. If you get the chance to go and see her I highly recommend jumping at the chance,

Hollie, the Sainted Hollie, the first time I heard of/about Hollie was when Mathematics appeared on my Facebook time line

As a numbers geek the title itself got my attention but then I saw Hollie, a tiny little ginger pixie in hoop earrings and I was hooked, she is just so normal and up to then my only real experience with poetry was at school and boring. As a numbers geek I really though language was a necessary evil, oh yes, I can talk, really talk, I have a wide vocabulary and can express myself and abstract concepts (like crochet) with relative ease, but feelings not so much. And poetry was all lonely clouds, and forks in the road, and Siegfried Sassoon.


I am not going to tell you about Hollie’s set list, it’s on the album cover on the website (yes I did buy the CD, yes it’s signed) but I will tell tell you that just as herself, talking to us, and explaining how a poem came about Hollie is lovely, and funny. She did mention a story about one of my favourite poems Embarrassed.


Apparently, at one gig, Hollie didn’t read this one and was mobbed my midwives and told to “do the poem”, :D, this idea made me smile. As a brazen woman I fed my babies with no shame (I lack the shame gland), one was fed by bottles (but that’s a story for another day) the other had breast (by lord did she have breast), and I have heard stories of shaming either way and agree with Hollie 100%.

I will leave you with my all time favourite Hollie poem Language Learning, it makes me want to learn French




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