Quiet day, Ooooh, and The Cup of Shattered Hope

Yo! On Saturday I attended a craft fair at St Peater’s Church in Newton-Le-Willows and it was a very quiet day

2014-10-11 09.31.41



Quiet day’s are why I do craft fairs with my partner in craft Rae (pin up papercuts) she keeps me insane and sings and chair dances with me so while having a look around


and singing to “Can’t take my eyes off you” by Frankie Valli (and getting the BEST sideways “eh???” look off a seven year old ever) the conversation turned to the talents around us, and, my response to them. This is best explained in a FB setting, so I am sat at home having a quick scroll through the lovely, lovely, crafts that grace my news feed and I come upon a particularly beautiful, unique, skilled item. In my mind I say “wow look at the skill, talent, time, creativity, materials, knowledge, practice, and dedication that goes in to that” what comes out of my key-bored is “ooooh”, I have no idea why, I have no desire to condense my admiration down like that, I really want to let artists and other creative folk how much I appreciate their work, I want to convey the envy I feel at their skill, but what they get is “ooooh” 😦 I am a bit rubbish.

While at craft fairs I like to drink tea

2014-10-11 12.46.16


Lots of tea. Rae had a different cup entirely, The Cup of Shattered Dreams.

2014-10-11 13.56.12











Her mum bought her this cup when Rae was moving house, it was a decorating gift, to fill with coffee so she had the energy to get it done. This cup is rather heavy being made from quite thick ceramic, and when it is picked up if feels like it is full of coffee. BUT, there will only be a dribble left, not even a mouth full. So for the last couple of years, we have sat next to each other, drinking our drinks, selling our wares, chatting crafts, putting the world to rights, singing, dancing, laughing, being called awesome by young folk, and listening to the soul destroying “oh” when Rae is out of coffee before she realises.






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