breasts, tatas, the girls, baps, bangers, even moobs, need looking after, they need checking for changes, and lumps, and bumps, useful information here . This is not something to be shy about, this is also not something to be hiding from men, for a couple of reasons


Male significant others

If you have one he probably pays more attention to your waps than you do, I mean you get up, put on a bra, and get on with your day (if the bra fits properly) without giving your jugs a second thought. If your love interest is a man he will look at them, make an excuse to touch them (“ooops, sorry I thought it was your hand”), and this is before we get to anything too adult for my young tender mind. He’ll notice anything new before you, and will also know that actually you HAVE had that mole for ever.

If you are anything like me he probably worries more about your health than you do, I know Crochet Widower is better at remembering my meds than I am and get’s all my prescriptions filled for me, he has been known to remind me to check my jublies before now as well.


Men need to check their moobs too


This may come as a shock but men get breast cancer too and need to check for changes as much as women,  different useful information. yes they do. This is why I am not a fan of those “don’t tell the men” FB games, by all means play a silly game to get at least one person to ask why and teach them about checking your Kojaks, but don’t exclude anyone, even men, shout it from the rooftops.


Things we all need to do

OK so a proper fitting bra is on top of the ladies list, or don’t ware one at all it’s better than a bad fitting one.

when you are checking your diddies check your “underarms” (how TV is that).

any change should be checked out, it’s better to be told you are paranoid than leave it too late.

go all the way up to your collar bone, those knockers are huge.

get a second opinion from your SO if you have one, they’ll probably tell you to see the doctor but it’s easier to take another advice than your own.

don’t panic, I know, if there is a change to your melons it can be worrying but the sooner you get seen the sooner you can be treated/reassured. Just do it. It could save your life.


Now me and my tits (ooh crass) do not get along, they are too big, won’t shrink, don’t fit in to a commercially available bra, they are odd, heavy, and in the way, but, they are not trying to kill me and for that I am truly grateful and will look after them as best I can



26/10/2016 I have changed the boob photo because… well… DEADPOOL BRAAAAA.

Now that I have been serious for a whole post, and it was exhausting, let me introduce you to my favourite song




4 thoughts on “BOOBS

  1. I was looking at the page for Crocheters Anonymous and suddenly my computer jumped to a page, about midway down with crocheted babies on it – I thought – hey – they are Amanda’s babies – then I looked some more , and hey that’s Amanda’s sweater – so I -finally – looked at the top of the page and no wonder they were all your things. Anyway, I ran across your article on Boob’s, and it is excellent. Just wanted to let you know. That, and hey – you pop up at the least expected times. lol


  2. I didn’t think this was an overly important issue….until I found a lump a couple of years ago….it turned out just to be a cyst, but seriously ladies check out your lady lumps 🙂

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