I have no idea what the title should be

I have read a lot of posts on Ravelry  about designers visiting to upload patterns and for no other reason, never responding to messages, or offering customer service at all. But there are also threads stating that as a designer you should be detached, and that got me thinking (dangerous I know)

Long time WWW Friends will know that I am chatty, friendly, and willing to listen. Take Mary and Joseph for example;











I was told they looked like they had had hair plugs, I have seen designers ban people from their FB pages for less, I mean really, click the photo, it really does. So I added a little tie to the head scarves to hide the hair plugs.


Then there was the issue with Batman


Batman baby photo prop pattern







I had managed to forget to add the mask pattern to the PDF, if I didn’t read my Etsy  feedback I would never have noticed.

I had been planning on reformatting the Helena Sweater  pattern

Helena sweater







But would probably still be planning if two Facebook  friends, yes TWO, hadn’t told me that it was all squished and too hard for their old eyes to read (I’m not beyond childish you know).

There was a rather long FB messaging situation regarding the Nate slouch hat  that turned out to be a UK/US term issue but the lady in question, having mostly bought print patterns in the US, didn’t know there were different terms (it is very confusing, they use the same words :O ).

I really feel that if I wasn’t so chatty and friendly some people would find it difficult to tell me about problems, I mean with out the silly photos of my little face,

The Creative process








tales of The Hellions and crochet Widower, photos of my “not best” work, I would just be a name on a screen, I would not be a person who occasionally makes mistakes but will admit when they do and try to correct them. If you are reading this then YOU appreciate my friendly nature. In fact, in the last month or so I have met a couple of WWW Friends in real life, now I may very well have met them before and that is how they found me in the first place but I have a terrible visual memory (just ask Crochet Widower about shopping for the correct shade of yarn), but the fact that they recognised me as a real person is a big woop for me, and I will now remember who they are, and (eventually) which patterns/stories they like the best. So I try to keep things light, I try to bring a smile to people’s faces everyday, and I try to encourage a chat, put the kettle on, open the biscuit tin, visit the FB page, browse the blog, stalk my Rav profile and see what I have been chatting about, tell me your opinions on my designs, I am a person, I can be approached, I am (mostly) nice.






2 thoughts on “I have no idea what the title should be

  1. Oh, I so get this! It’s a difficult balance as a designer. A bit of distance and detachment probably helps to keep them from getting taken advantage of or from getting their creative soul squished by thoughtless comments but I totally agree that they also need to remain approachable. it’s so much nicer to find out about a pattern mistake and get to fix it as promptly as possible and respond to people so they know that you “support” people trying to make your patterns. I think your chatty nature serves you well and you know where to draw the lines. So don’t ever change – I think you do right in a sea of wrong. Um, but hey – who has “old” eyes!!!!!!!! Harumph! 😉 LOL

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