Sirdar Snuggly

Sirdar Snuggly 4 ply


2014-09-04 12.17.18



RRP £3.39

Available at Black Sheep Wools from £2.79

4 ply

3mm hook

36 rows x 28 stitches = 4 inches

warm wash

can be dry cleaned

dry press

cool tumble or dry flat

55% Nylon 45% Acrylic

226m 50g


I got 16 wpi


I used this yarn along with Sirdar Crofter Baby Fair Isle effect DK for my spiral beanie (pattern coming soon)










I must say, I love it. It is so soft to work with, doesn’t split, was consistent, and I didn’t encounter any joins (a pet peeve).

The biggest love for this yarn comes when I say it is an S twist, “oh no” I hear the crocheters cry, “It’ll unspin while you work”, let me tell you IT DID NOT, now with most yarns being made with knitting in mind I am used to the unspinning nature of some S twist yarns and keep a watchful eye on the yarn as I work so I can correct any unspin as I go, but the Snuggly behaved like a champ and didn’t come unspun.

As for the softness, this yarn is lovely, so lovely that The Clone said she might even wear a hat made from it in the winter, this is the child that has 10+ winter hats and never wears a one (Geek Girl likes to wear them in June).

I put the Spiral Beanie in with my normal daily wash, 40 degrees, quick wash, 1200 spin (I am lazy when it come to laundry) and it’s fine, no piling, no stretching and, the colour is fast.

After washing

After washing









All in all, I can not recommend this yarn enough and may very well be using it in an upcoming sweater pattern.




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