What ever will you do with all that time?

DO NOT ask that question unless you want an answer. If you are a stay at home parent with your youngest just starting full time education you will have been asked that one a lot, I have decided to write about it and to tell people “read the blog” I have been asked so often ūüėČ


**disclaimer** as facebook friends will know I have some idiosyncrasies, I do not hide them. I do not, however, expect the world to do things my way, 2+2=4 but so does 1+3. I do not expect normal folk to approach daily life like I do, feel free to think I am mad.


6am; pretend I can not hear The hellions waking up and giggling.

6.30; put my head under the covers so I can not hear The Hellions calling the Dogta Donna in to their room (no dogs on beds)

No dogs in bedrooms

No dogs in bedrooms









7; wake to the sounds of Judy Garland singing “good morning”, help The Hellions get washed, dressed, brush their teeth, and brush and plat their hair.

7.30; while The Clone makes breakfast, she is so grown up, I get me washed, dressed, brush my teeth, and do my hair.

7.45; it’s a good job I am blessed with natural beauty. Let Dogta Donna, put the washing in the machine, make my pot of tea, ¬†field question off The Hellions regarding sweets in the morning, feed Dogta Donna, sit down to check emails, social networks, rav, etsy, et al.

8; Tell The Hellions to put on their shoes and pack their lunch bags.

8.05; answer odd question, usually about sweets.

8.10; “have you got your shoes on?

8.15; put drying in the other machine, “is your bag packed?”

8.20; “right coats”, put my shoes on, collect my keys.

8.25; “seriously kids, shake a leg, coats”

8.30; “no Donna I’ll come back for you in a bit, kids, out, now” head off to school.

Hmmm, you'll do.

Hmmm, you’ll do.









8.35; referee a fight about who’s classroom we will wait outside, The Hellions (reception and year 3) have classrooms at opposite sides of the school.

8.45; “why is your teacher¬†always so late opening the door?” power walk around the building to drop the other Hellion off, and head home to get Dogta Donna.

8.50; try not to fall over the dog as I get a plastic bag, the ball on a string, and swap in to my wellingtons.

8.55; out of the door again, quick hello to Different Donna, and on to the park.

9; Throw the ball on a string for Dogta Donna, and pick up litter (some one has to) in order top ignore Donna so she comes when called, keeping an eye out for other dogs as Donna is too friendly and runs up to them and won’t come back (she’s getting there)











9.30; By this point Donna id lying on her ball so I won’t throw it again and want’s to go home.

9.35; usually say hello to Different Donna again, she can’t half talk that one.

All times are now dependant on day, The Hellions, and my level of CBA (it takes longer if I CBA)

9.40; starting at the top of the house and working down, tidy, dust, vacuum, mop, and one room a day (the room depends on the day) gets a bucket of soapy water and a BIG cleaned with the furniture getting moved and the soft furnishings washed. Donna is a dream at this time.

10.30; toast, I must have my toast, and prepare the blog, treasury, or tutorial for the next day (it’s Sunday right now).

11; Fold the laundry and do any ironing that needs to be done, at this point Donna is out of patience and needs some attention.

love me

love me









11.20; ahhhh, it’s just me, Donna, and Netflix, this is my time to hook, at the moment I am watching The Killing on Nexflix to occupy the naughty side of my brain while I hook.

my usual view

my usual view









1pm; Put the laundry away now that Donna is happy (it’s all about the Dogta) and make lunch, have my midday mooch, any further computer work and a play on my online game.

1.30; More Netflix and hooking, at the moment I am working on stock for craft fairs so have been making clasp purses and stow away shoppers , I am going to be topping up on amigurumis soon as well.

2014-09-07 19.50.18








3.15; wow that was a long sit down, retrieve The Hellions from school. “what did you do today?” “I can’t remember” the first rule of school is… you don’t talk about school.

3.25; Home work and reading

4; The house now looks like this.

The Creative process








4.05; little sit and spot more hooking while The Hellions play with their friends.

between 4.30 and 5; depending on what we are having, make tea (Mostly I manages to get Crochet Widower to do this and sneak in some extra hooking)

5-5.30; FOOD, wash dishes, feed Donna.

6; Take Donna for a walk, sometimes The Hellions come too and Thursdays is Brownies so all rushing and stuff.

6.30; nearly there, I like to have a bath at this point but if Crochet Widower is working he is gone by now so I have to wait until The Hellions are in bed.

7; Geek Girls bedtime, teeth brushed, hair re plated, story, snuggle, sniff (off Donna)

7.30; Now, what I want to happen here is for The Clone to sit with me and have a cuddle and chat about the day, what actually happens is that she plays on the computer but does not settle on one game and expects me to read tiny text from my spot on the couch (I can see what she is playing and looking at but not read)

8; The Clone goes to bed, teeth brushed, hair re plated, snuggle, and sniff (from Donna)

8.30;(ish); ahhhh, if Crochet Widower is home we watch mutual programs, if it’s just me I watch scary movies, or cheesy supernatural drama.









10; time for bed, brush my teeth, brush my hair, sniff(off Donna), read for a short while, rinse and repeat.


As you can see, I get in about six hours crocheting on a week day, less at weekends,¬†“all that time” isn’t really all that much when you see it written down, and a lot of it is the same time just quieter time. I know I could let up on housework, and do when I have a deadline, but I am mum first THEN Itchy, but mostly I am ME.

2013-10-04 15.26.15













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