What’s that noise?

The Hellions have been back at school for a week, Geek Girl has been on half days as they do a “staggered” start for reception children so I have not had the free time I feel is my right for putting up with three school runs a day all through nursery. This week she has a 1:30 finish so at least that’s an extra two hours and I won’t have to feed her (pah, right). Though I didn’t get as much crocheting done I did manage five purses.

2014-09-07 19.50.18








I have discovered a way to eat peanut butter, I do not like it on bread, I am really fussy about sandwiches and bread based products in general, but I do like peanut butter, so I made mouths.

2014-09-07 11.25.39








OK so they are not as neat as the ones I saw on FB but, mmmmmmmm, lovely. Last week on my FB page I treated everyone to the tinkling sound of my laughter, so as I am nice I thought you should like to hear it as well. Now the only way I can let you hear it is by linking to Sound cloud but I promise it is worth the click. But while we are on the subject let me show you a video of Donna when she is asleep, this also will require clicking to my dropbox but I promise it is well and truly worth it.


She does not bark when awake, I have barely heard her utter a noise, but when she is asleep apparently she talks more than me. On Sunday I took Donna for her first “off the lead” long walk as we (The Hellions and I) did a spot of foraging, Donna was a dream, her recall was almost perfect, she played with other dogs but only when told she could, and was an all round good egg, so much so that I was allowed to photograph some wiled life while she was sat next to me.


We had quite a fruitful forage and came home with black berries, elderberries, and plumbs, as we had crumble last time I made meringue, and no you can’t have any it is too nice for grown-ups.

2014-09-07 14.31.02









And after a long day it is time to relax, start on some spiral shoppers and think about a quick pattern at the end of the week.

2014-09-07 20.02.07






















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