Black Sheep Wool Review

In the interest of full disclosure I was bribed with tea and cakes to write this review, for further full disclosure I shop for yarn at Black sheep quite regularly (followers of my Facebook page will know this any way). I had not, however, visited the cafe as this is relatively new.

A few weeks ago there was a post on the Black Sheep facebook page asking bloggers to link their blogs, I had no idea why at the time, but one more reader is always welcome so I commented with a link. I received an email asking if I would review the craft barn and to be fair, even without the tea and cakes I would have done it (but don’t tell Black Sheep, shhhh).

You know I had planned on being all professional and talking about the Craft barn and all the amazing classes (I have my eye on the patchwork classes), and the wide range of yarns (often discounted) for all price ranges, or the staff that are, quite frankly, slightly bonkers (as all the best people are), there was the fabric that kept drawing my eye while I drank my tea and chatted about patterns and yarn, even the beautiful samples dotted about so you can see how the yarn works up, and yes some were crochet, slipped my mind, when I saw the “stash map”. That’s right, there is a map that I had never seen before, OK there are three. The maps have tags on them of where people live/keep their stash, I LOVE that idea (can I do it on the blog???) unfortunately photographing the map slipped my mind as I was thinking of what to make with the scrummy yarn I got.


2014-09-04 12.17.18








I am thinking spirals, one in solid one in variegated, maybe hats, beret springs to mind, even a beanie, you know, a couple of quick patterns to refresh the pallet after the parasol and before the man’s shawl neck cardigan. Matching fingerless gloves maybe, ooooh the possibilities.I also picked up some (mostly) cotton for spiral shoppers for this year’s craft fairs.


2014-09-04 12.17.58








OK, I didn’t entirely forget about all the amazing samples worked up, there was this little fella


2014-09-04 10.15.25










We had a lovely chat, and as usually happens when I get started I ended up with a million new ideas, including the already mentioned hats, reindeer with braces (suspenders if you speak American 😉 ), chunky blankets, an interesting Helena sweater, and a cardigan for me.







4 thoughts on “Black Sheep Wool Review

  1. Hello, I’m delighted you loved the Craft Barn, but how long has it been since your last visit? The cafe has been open for about a year and a half now. ;-b


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