Kids, dogs, and husbands

What? OK, my mum has a saying “Kids, dogs, and husbands are all trained the same way”, well, whilst out shopping with The Hellions and Crochet Widower I noticed I pat my leg at The Hellions these days when I want them to “come along”, at least I haven’t started saying heel to them yet.

SO we have had Donna over a week now, in the house she is the perfect dog, OK “no dogs on the couch” isn’t happening, but I do like my cuddles when I am working, though getting kicked out of my corner make for an unhappy hooker


No dogs on the couch

No dogs on the couch









Also, The Hellions inform me that Donna can open their bedroom door all by herself and she climbs in to bed with Geek Girl WITH OUT BEING ENCOURAGED.

No dogs in bedrooms

No dogs in bedrooms









So as you can see, in the house Donna follows the rules. She has made some friends at the park but as she is an unruly child she is not allowed off the lead when new dogs are there as she just wants to play and won’t come when called, I have opposable thumbs and access to runner balls so I WILL train her.


It is nearly the end of the summer holidays (they are back in school tomorrow) and as much as I love The Hellions I am ready for them to get back in to a routine, a lot of the grand plans we had didn’t happen, partly due to my unicycle incident, but also because they just wanted to play with their friends, two of which I love to bits (the dark ginger and the lighter ginger)

Shade order

Shade order









Now, as regular readers and followers of my Facebook page will know I try to encourage creativity in The Hellions as much as I can, this is not easy, they both have teeny tiny attention spans, Geek Girl is more inclined to sit and concentrate but The Clone (we don’t call her that for nothing) has trouble concentrating to the end of a thought. In a state of hope and because I like the look as a photo prop I bought outdoor chalk


pink black wm








I will periodically tell The Hellions to “go and draw me a pretty picture” when they proclaim they are bored, this has never resulted in anything productive. Until this week, when, with the help of The Ginger Ones they created my rainbow garden



On to the husbands section, Crochet Widower works nights, he works twelve hour shifts, but only two or three shifts a week, so if his shifts are at the beginning of the week then the next lot are at the end of the next week he has an awefull lot of time off work, this is a blessing (mostly) especially this week as he has had to do a lot of the housework because I simply could not manuver the vacuum or mop, as a reward he was allowed to go out TWICE with the lads, they went to a quiz night at a local pub and came second, so that was an extra £1, the riches.



I will leave you with this photo

2014-08-28 15.23.53








of Geek Girl wearing a car seat back rest thing, I have no idea why she was doing this (but there is also proof that Donna has functioning legs), I SHOULD have photos of the finished parasol for you this week.








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