One arm and her dog

It has been a week since I fell off my unicycle and fractured my elbow/arm (the docs seem divided) in this time I realised how important my left arm is. Now I knew I used my left a lot, a lot more than most right handed people do. You see my mum is left handed, so all the mum things in our house when I was growing up were set up left handed and I just went with the flow.

The kettle, that thing is heavy you know. I have just always just grabbed the kettle with my left hand, even after the invention of the cordless kettle, it just stuck that way.

2014-08-24 09.47.45









Ironing, my mum had the ironing board permanently set up, with the iron positioned on the left, so rather than move it away from the wall and walk around it I just ironed with my left hand, that also stuck. I will admit to hating ironing with a passion and have clothing rotation set up so I only have to do it once a week though.

2014-08-24 09.47.32








The computer, this is more of a throwback from my office days, my handwriting is slightly better with my right hand so I have the mouse set up to click at things with my left while I take notes with my right, granted swapping is a lot easier these days with the invention of the wireless mouse but my auto response is to reach with my left. Typing is also troublesome as my right hand assumes that the left is picking up the slack so I miss letters.


There are other things it turns out I do with my left hand that I never noticed before, opening doors, turning on taps, EVERYTHING on my craft shelf is on the left, anything that requires more strength than precision. OK so Friday night I did something in my sleep that woke me up shouting and since then my arm has loosed up a treat, but it is still not load bearing, I can’t hold it to my side for long, but I can (just) manage to get my head scarf and clips in now, and my ability to crochet has not been hampered a great deal.

See? on the left

See? on the left









Now that picture brings me to our new addition, Donna (what else would Whovians call their ginger pet). We are Donna’s third home, she was not walked as much as she might like so we are building her up for long walks foraging and geo caching. I have struggled with how to add that extra bit of motivation to her training (what little she needs) because she is not food motivated so she can not be bribed.












Sunday I got it, Donna is ball motivated and I finally worked out how to use that to get her to heel, which is only one of two things she needs help with. The other is “I WANT TO PLAY”  whether the other dogs, people, birds, babies, or children at the park if they want to or not. She is lovely and soft but running up to people is right out of the question. I can not blame her at all though, she just hasn’t spent enough time out and about to have the skills yet, we’ll sort that out though. As it stands, we go to the park and have a run about with the ball and a spot of training then she flops on to the floor and pants like a steam train. She sleeps at the top of the stairs, it is nice to be protected that way but I might have to put a note on my bedroom door to remind me so I don’t fall over her and down the stairs in the middle of the night.


tuckered out

tuckered out










One more week and The Hellions are back in school, Geek Girl has a staggered start so will be on Mornings only for a few days, then coming home just after lunch, then Donna and I will be able to watch all the horror films and go for walks in quiet.















One thought on “One arm and her dog

  1. Hope your arm heals quickly, love the name Donna LOL it looks like she is settling in well, we are on the search for a new hound after the loss of Old Dog I miss have a huge lump of dog around the place … love the stealth sleeping position at the top of the stairs 😉

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