Three weeks to go

I am so over the summer holidays, the rain has started and I want to watch True blood during the day.



Geo-caching, baking, and WTF?????

We woke up (at 7) to glorious sunshine so the decision was made to do a spot of Geo-caching and have a pick nick. There is a local rout with ten caches along in that we hadn’t found yet and with it being a little too far for The Hellions to walk we went there while Crochet Widower was available.











You would be amazed at how close beautiful countryside can be to an urban setting, we live practically in the town centre and this view is only a ten min drive away.

As we hunted for the caches we saw lots of wildlife but as I was using my phone as a GPS tracker I didn’t get many photos, I did manages a dragon fly and a tiny thumb nail sized frog


Then the rain started, it was only showers but it really fell like a bucket


As we live in an area rather known for it’s rain we were (mostly) prepared. What we did get caught out by was the puddles the size of ponds covering the whole path, eventually we gave up trying to skirt around them AND avoid the nettles and just walked through them. Must remember to buy and ware wellies.

We did, despite the rain, manage to find all but one of the series of ten, the ninth one proved elusive and I am blaming the brambles. Home we went, soggy but happy, making funny noises just because (you know the Donald duck noise, ye, that one) only to find this

I mean who in their right mind thinks an umbrella sized package will fit through the letter box? and when they meat resistance push it so hard that it snaps. Good job the parasol is ages off finished really. To cheer myself up I opted for baking chocolate chip muffins and letting The Hellions bake cakes WITHOUT supervision (well except the oven bit, I’m not THAT mad)


I made these

I made these

No adult supervision

No adult supervision










OK, I did have to say “not with your hands” when mixing the butter cream started but as The Clone says “just like bake off




I can do science me.

“why do boats float?”, this is the sort of question I like from a child, much better than “can I have some crisps?”, so as the weather was set to rain I made play-dough and kept a bit aside to make balls and boats. When demonstrating the  meniscus The Clone informed me that Crochet Widower had told her about it, the reason for the meniscus is “just a bit of magic”, I am fairly confident that this is not what he tough her but it could have been a bad day.


Not best

Not best









As it turns out home paid play-dough may not be the best medium to demonstrate water displacement as it started to dissolve and all of our little imaginary sailors abandoned ship and went to live on the island made by the ball poking up through the too shallow water in the bowl.

In relation to this I had The Hellions blowing bubbles (outside while I mopped, queen of the multi-task) with all of the different shaped bubble blowers and noticing the shape of the bubbles. I am rather proud that The Clone decided that they were all round “because of the air”

2014-08-12 11.17.29








Then it was time to play with the beautiful rainbow of play-dough I had made

2014-08-12 10.49.36








Yeeeee, not so much

2014-08-12 10.59.58








This took five seconds to happen

2014-08-12 11.01.45








Then I was presented with this, it is now a big brown ball of dough, and yes it looks like poo, why do I bother to put colouring in the stuff that is all I want to know, I mean really


2014-08-12 13.08.36








Pah, kids.

OK, I love ’em really



I am not sure if I should put sunblock or wellington boots on The Hellions today


2014-08-13 10.31.16








Blue skies, it was pouring down a second ago. Because it has been so changeable we have not done much of anything, The Hellions played out with their friends when it was dry and played frozen happy families when it was wet. The problem with that game is the neither of The Hellions has an ounce of cunning about them and after thirty min I was tired of the same three cards being passed about so started cheating and suggesting cards just to get some of them out of the way in their families. Sometimes you have to con your kids for the sake of your sanity, eventually The Helluions had four families and I had three, then Geek Girl was crying because she wanted Elsa, I can’t win. Pah, kids.




Rain, rain, rain.

Crochet Widower took The Hellions out to visit his family this afternoon so I had a little play with some merino I have to make dreadlocks with to work out if I will need more, I should have plenty so the next dry day I’ll be sat in the yard with a bucket of water felting wool.

The Hellion’s new friend Dark Ginger One (they seem to be collecting ginger friends of late) came for tea, this is the first time a friend has come over for tea and to be honest she can come back any time, she complimented my pasta sauce, was more polite than The Hellions, and listened with interest when I told her all about the super secret veg hidden in the sauce.

Crochet Widower has his “lads” (read grumpy old men) night out on Thursdays so I take the opportunity to indulge in horror as he is easily scared and needs his security blanket if he watches anything scarier than a PG.

Sorry no photos today.


More Geo-caching

This time along the trans Pennine trail. We set off with the plan to walk to Victoria park and stroll along the trail to Black Bear looking for some caches on the way, but oh no, there is work going on to build flood defences along the river and we were (badly) diverted. I tried my best to remember where the one and only diversion map had told us to go but with both of The Hellions claiming we were lost and they were worried it was tricky, we were not lost I knew exactly where we were just not how to get across the river. Eventually we ended up practically in town centre so I phoned Crochet Widower, who was building shelves, to give us a lift as it was the same distance again just to get on the trail and we had been walking for half an hour already.

Huzzaah we were dropped off at Black Bear and headed home along the trail caching as we went

can you spot it?

can you spot it?









What with the camera on my phone not being very good at distance an squirrels being a tad shy, can you spot it?











I have blown the squirrel up, te he. We sat on pick nick benches and ate a packed lunch a little at a time.

After a good two hours caching we stopped off at the play area on the way home


2014-08-15 13.10.14








As we headed back we passed the bridge we had wanted to cross the river on and noticed that it was open so decided to see where I had gone wrong on the way out. Well if I had walked  ten steps and turned left rather than turning right we would have get to the bridge and not have needed to call Crochet Widower. Pah, builders.



The Clone dropped a chair on to her foot so had to go for an X-ray, Geek Girl was so upset that she could not go to the hospital as well I had to let her do the cleaning with me, she is an odd girl to say the least but was a great help so we had some chewits as a treat. The Clone’s foot is not broken but is badly bruised and needs to rest, the plan was to encourage both children to sit and craft for the day.

The Dark Ginger One and Next Door came to call and I told all four of them to play nicely and quietly so The Clone could rest her foot, there was much banging up and down the stairs but it was mostly calmly, then the Light Ginger One and I’m Three called as well, by this point I had six young girls ranging from three to eight charging around my house in no way resting their feet so I gave up. I have not seen any of them for quite some time now.

I have been watching Robin Williams films and crocheting for most of the day some where I have an extra stitch but can’t find it. It’ll show up but I was on a roll.

Found it, it was cunningly hidden behind an increase. I have 672 stitches on this last row it has a 13 inch diameter with 11 inches to go which is about 33 rows, it is currently taking two hours per row.

2014-08-13 21.02.04


Started off OK, the weather was (mostly) dry so I decided I would get some solid practice in on the unicycle. All was going swimmingly and I even managed five seconds unaided. Then disaster struck, I fell, missed the chair support and landed on my left arm.

I went faint and everything sounded tinny so I sat down on the chair support, my arm was a little tender but my fingers moved so I reckoned I’ll be fine. I sat down to tell Facebook that I had called it a day with my arm resting on the desk. The arm started to hurt more, to the point where I could not lift the cone of thread I am working with. Off to the hospital I go.

I was shuffled along to minor injuries in a timely fashion but with it being Sunday there were a few hangovers with new injuries waiting so I settled down to crochet, which is (oddly) the most comfortable position for my arm. While waiting I was rude and eavesdropped, there was one particular older gentleman in under the care of his daughter, he was 95 and when asked if he could walk to x-ray he shouted that he could “walk, run, hop, or stand on his hands and walk that way if needed” and told everyone he was fourteen on his way out.

When I had been waiting for an hour and a half a young “lady” came in with her friend wearing her PJs and shouted “I better not be waiting ages” then grabbed a nurse as he was shouting the next patient and spent ten min trying to get seen out of turn. I mean really, you are well enough to walk in, you are well enough to shout, if you don’t want to wait you are well enough to see your GP tomorrow, evidently she hadn’t had enough attention so proclaimed “I’m not waiting” and walked out, then was back when no one (not even her friend) tried to top her.

I was examined (ouch), x-rayed, diagnosed, referred, and sent on my way in quick succession. While I was waiting for Crochet Widower to come and pick me up I got chatting with a mature chap and his niece, he asked what I had done “fractured my arm falling off my unicycle” says I, queue the laughter, then the looks, “what? really?”, we then had a chat, well I mostly talked rubbish, the chap said “you really bring light in to a day, you nearly made me smile” 😀

Crochet Widower arrived and took me home, I can crochet, for now, but we’ll have to see what happens on Thursday at the fracture clinic, I hope if they need to put a cast on me they do it bent so I can still tension my yarn.

2014-08-17 15.54.48













6 thoughts on “Three weeks to go

  1. Ahhh, one of your best posts yet. Had to giggle out loud at least three times. Even though I don’t condone blowing up squirrels, I do like your method best of anyone’s. LOL. What a week you had – so filled with adventure! I hope whatever they do for your arm doesn’t prevent you from crocheting – I think that will just lead to your stubborn bum devising new and daring ways to work with a hook and that can only lead to more trouble! Thanks for sharing with us. Makes my week look soooo bland. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Clone’s foot was fine five min after getting in the door. We live in Cheshire, UK. I think a lot of the Kids on computer issues are when they are allowed to and don’t have many other options, there is a tendency to worry as parents about the outside world especially with the internet making the world smaller and seemingly more dangerous. I am lucky that there are children in close safe range for The Hellions to play with. As for adults who need to grow up, I WAS on a unicycle 🙂


    • Oh my word – what a week you had. Made me giggle. I understand about “construction” areas, I once got turned around because of one and it took me 4 hours to make a 45 min trip. I remember well how much fun it was to take those nice walks when I was in Germany. Can’t do that here – except for the zoo. But this year snakes seem to be the big thing here, so it has left me thinking I don’t want a walk anyway. I pray your elbow heals quickly, and that they cast it so you can still crochet, just try to remember not to lift a big pot of stew off the stove with that arm – it won’t work. (found that out the hard way when I broke my wrist after it was casted – no it does NOT make that part functionable). Is that a word? Any way, great blog, have a great week.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I hope your arm is ok and gets better! Hopefully no cast! I had what they call tennis elbow ( and I never played tennis or do not now! LOL!) It is just a term used, but I couldn’t move my arm or elbow without wanting to scream and I think I barely bumped it on a door! Dr. put huge needle with cortisone in it! OUCH! I HATE NEEDLES! I get upset when I can’t crochet while waiting for dr. usually 2 hours and that’s at my regular dr. Sounds like you had a busy week with the hellions and everything else! Where do you live? We have a BLACK BEAR up in the mountains around here in CALIFORNIA! I remember when my 3 son’s were little hellions, I was a preschool teacher part of their childhood so we did a lot of science experiments and playin ball and other games boys like! Now you can barely get kids off computers or video games and they are all grown except my youngest who just turned 15! My husband has a son as well who is the same age as my second son so we have 4 sons and my oldest son’s fiancé who live here with my husband and I! A big house with too many adults that need to grow up! LOL! I hope you feel better and your arm is ok plus your one daughters foot is ok as well! LOVE TO HEAR OF YOUR ADVENTURES! THANKS Manda!

    Liked by 1 person

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