Summer school

The summer holidays have started so my posting will become erratic at best, this is because we now start summer school. I know this sounds rather harsh for a seven and four year old, but it really is fun.

There will be real edumacation going on.

In five min blocks.

With work sheets, The Hellions really love a work sheet.

The Clone will be working on:

  1. finger spacing
  2. reading,
  3. a spot of numeracy, and
  4. art, lots of art, outside, since it is sunny.

Geek Girl will be having a stab at:

  1. recognising 6 – 10 when she sees them,
  2. maybe reading some words,
  3. letter formation, and
  4. also art, well I am being hopeful calling it art, but making a mess doesn’t sound very educational.


We do this for a few reasons:

  1. The Hellions seem to like it,
  2. they get up at a ridiculous hour and can’t play out until the rest (or most) of the street are awake,
  3. I have had issues with the school expecting more from The Clone that they have taught her, and
  4. while they like it it does no harm.



Some of you may know that when The Clone was born I planned to home educate, I did all kinds of research, found groups, websites, and resources, I researched the correct governing bodies to inform. And was slapped in the face when The Clone asked when she could start school at the ripe old age of eighteen MONTHS, I was then harassed for eighteen further months until she started the pre-school attached to the local primary school. THEN it was “when am I going to be a uniform?” wanting to know when she would start full time school. So, you know, the best laid plans and all that.

Though when ever The Clone is feeling fed up with school or her friends (as happens to us all) I offer her the option of home education, this usually changes her mind for her (am I really so bad?). But last week she asked, unprompted, about home education, I told her that if that is what she wanted to do we would sort it out. Later she asked “would I move up a year or just stay home with you?” so I explained that she would stay home with me and that when she was good at something we would move on to harder things, “I’ll go the school then, OK?”.

I had rather hoped that Geek Girl might like to stay at home, but no, and again at eighteen months she was begging to start school. So now after a year of “when I am in reception…” I am six short (if the weather stays dry) weeks away from six hours a day for MEEEEEE.

OK, there is the housework, but I have a routine for that and with the right music can be rather fun, but I will be able to make Crochet Widower take me yarn shopping without The Hellions, on a week day when it’s quiet, all the way to Abakhan. I will be able to watch TV write huge chunks of patterns in one sitting. And knowing my luck just as I get used to this creative freedom one of The Hellions will want to be home educated.






Enjoy what ever you are doing this summer.


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