Have you seen my Cro-jo?

Ooooh, 200th blog post

After I finished the Spiral stow away shopper pattern I have had no interest in crocheting what so ever even though I have a huge list of patterns, projects, and yarn bombings to choose from, I just can’t seem to find any of them interesting. I have several theories about why I am having this problem.


  1. As it turns out I have been suffering with depression (maybe postnatal) for several years, whether my high pain threshold transfers to emotional pain or what it took a blog post on male postnatal depression to get me to get it checked out. I am now on serotonin sensitizers and they are making me a little restless (This is me pretending I can focus for more than half an hour on a good day any way).
  2. It is hot, the weather that is, I am ginger and to steal from Woody Allen “I don’t like [the heat] I don’t tan I stroke”. Hot weather makes me grumpy, I never seem to be able to drink enough so get a tad dehydrated, the housework get’s neglected and that messes with my OCD, and non of my clothes are appropriate. Most of my to do list is warm stuff, there is a parasol pattern but I need to find the yarn for that one.
  3. We are going on holiday in two weeks and I can’t decide what to take with me, I’ll need to take two projects just to be sure I don’t run out (The In-laws do not want to be trapped with me in a cabin in Scotland with no crocheting) and I don’t know how much concentration/time I’ll have.
  4. I have run out of Smallvill, I’m all caught up with Teen Wolf, and everything seems to be on break. I have just discovered Afterlife, a TV show from ’05, and that might help, I have also found Netflix have The A-team, so fingers crossed.
  5. PMT/S is a possible culprit, due to number one things have been a little erratic of late and I have always turned in to the wicked witch of the north-west once a month, but you know when you are expecting it you know why.


With the lack of Cro-jo I have managed to make two skirts and alter another to add a “me-ness” so it’s not all bad.

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At this point I am inviting your suggestions comment with links to your favourite patterns or projects you are especially proud of, help find my Cro-jo.



4 thoughts on “Have you seen my Cro-jo?

  1. It’s tough to give you advice since you are such a smarty and tend to figure things out on your own. It seems that you already have done some sewing, which is what I would have suggested – doing a bit of a different craft for a while. That and nature walks usually work for me. Sorry to hear about depression but again, you’ve already taken the necessary steps to help with that. So my only other thoughts are to maybe choose a project that is tiny so you can make a lot of them or just a few – however many your attention span will deal with at the time, and makes it easy to stop after completing one if you need to. Your desire to work on something bigger will return in time. But giving your creative mind a break is a good thing too – it will surely just result in even more wonderful project ideas when it is done. 🙂 One other thing – maybe bring a big puzzle on vacation with your in-laws to the cabin – something you can all work on as little or as much as you like – I always have fond memories of having a puzzle going and the quality time spent with others working on them.

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  2. Sweetie take more than projects, Amigurumi’s kinda get me out of a slump! Maybe a nice shawl or something that makes you happy! I hear you on the HEAT! We are in the mid 90s this week, but last week around 110 no less than 105 degree! I have been fighting off and on depression bad for a year now after we lot my 7 month old grandson 1 year ago! I have tried to get my CROJO back and do a little at a time but have a lot of UFOS! GOOD LUCK! Manda


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