Joining new yarn/colour

These are my two favourite mid row joins, please excuse the shoe polish under my finger nails 😉



Change yarn in the yarn over

Work the last stitch as normal but stop before the last yarn over

Last YO

Last YO









Loop the new yarn around the hook

Loop yarn

Loop yarn










Pull new yarn through as you would without the change


pull through

pull through










Work as usual with the new yarn


carry on

carry on










I use this join when I I working tapestry crochet like

Unhappy bunnies 

Robin Baby photo prop

Batman baby photo prop

Ladybird baby photo prop

Or in amigurumi




The Nativity 2013









Russian join



Cut the yarn if not at the end of the ball












Link both yarns together












Thread old yarn through a darning needle













Insert needle down the middle of the old yarn

down the middle

down the middle









and pull through













Repeat for the new yarn














and work as normal


taaa daaa

taaa daaa










This join is best used for starting a new ball of the same colour as getting the new colour in exactly the right spot can be tricky.





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