Escape from Warrington

Friday was “walking day” in Warrington (my town), I am not a fan of the whole thing, there are a few stories as to how the whole thing started but the main crux is that people walk through town centre with their church to show pride, northing wrong with that but to a lot of people it is an excuse to drink ALL DAY and unless that is what you plan on doing it is advisable to stay out of town on walking day.

This year I persuaded The Hellions that a trip to Abakhan would be a good idea and bribed them with a visit to the café, my main intention was to buy fabric and lace to make a (some?) boho skirt and top and not to buy yarn unless I simply had to. So at 8 am we set out on our way to Wales, and hit a snag, there were road works on our root out of town and it was getting close to the time they close the roads for the walkers, it was getting a little hairy, we had been on the road for about half an hour and could have walked to where we were quicker. So with lightening reflexes Crochet Widower ducked down the last available side street and detoured us out of there. Not a moment too soon as being stuck ’till the end of the walking would not have been good as it generally takes about two hours.

Due to a bread malfunction I had not had breakfast so we HAD to stop at McDonald’s for McMuffins, in an ill advised move I finished Geek Girl’s sausage muffin and regretted it the rest of the day. After many “I need the toilet”s (on a 35 mile journey) we got to Abakhan, bought some fabric and lace, and popped in to the yarn barn “for a look”. I replaced the 0.6mm hook I had snapped in an ill advised venture using it for a non intended purpose and was asked about my mesh top   by the lovely Lisa who is always willing to chat and talk crafts when ever we visit and prompted me to write the pattern down. I managed not to buy yarn this time but I think it was a fluke.

We then drove through the beautiful Welsh countryside to Conwy for lunch, we saw the UK’s smallest house , answered the same questions from each of The Hellions, “why are the boats not moving” “is that boat very old” “can we have a ice cream?”, and got dive bombed by a seagull



That seagull, I was finishing my sandwich and decided to take my package to the bin, well the seagull also decided that the last of my sandwich was up for grabs and flew over my head from behind and made a grab for it. I have to admit that in my state of confusion and I did the only logical thing, I protected the food, I mean I curled up around the last bite of sandwich and refused to let go, the seagull did manage to get half of the bread but I got the bit with the filling on, TAKE THAT nature.

After lunch, and yes and ice cream, we went for a walk on the castle walls, that did not go according to plan what with The Clone being.. em.. “bad” with heights and some bits of the wall being floored with wooden slats with gaps in.

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There was an awful lot of teenagers about on school trips, this made The Clone very happy as teenagers are the hight of cool, she all but swooned if one looked at her.

We went home the pretty way being serenaded by Geek Girl singing “Spirit of man” no matter what song was playing at the time, let me tell you there are only so many times you can hear a four year old sing “Oh no Veganial, help me Veganial” untill is stops being cute (though it’s better than what she says for “Llandudno”. We stopped off at KFC on the way home, so you know healthy food that day, we got home in time to..

OK that sentence is too funny not to give it it’s own paragraph. We got home in time to eat and bath The Hellions, oh the importance of the Oxford comma.

OK so we got home in time to eat, and bath The Hellions.

SO I now have a couple of sewing projects to add to the list, and a new ball winder not made of LEGO to play with, and you never know I might get through some of this list before I add more to it





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