Well THAT was… em… loud, Today (Sunday) was The Clone’s birthday, we had a small party with a select few friends, The Tall Boy, The Short Boy, The Skinny One, The Cousin, The Bad Influence, and The Sister (for Geek Girl). As I like to have small “make and do” parties this year was pizza, the pizza that took over the fridge to be precise.

I made pizza dough, as you do, and put it out in the sun to rise, all normal so far, I knocked it back, wrapped it up and put it in the fridge, fine and dandy. On I gets with the rest of the set up, open fridge, arrrrrgggggh the whole shelf is filled with pizza dough, I mean IT IS IN THE FRIDGE how is the yeast not asleep? out it comes for another knock back, while I was at it I decided to cut it in to 16 (one to eat one to take away) and left it in the fridge again just in time for guests to start arriving. OMWW at this point IT IS STILL GROWING so when it was time to start making pizza I had to cut each dough ball in two, meaning we have a huge lump of pizza dough in the fridge (blast guess I’ll just have to eat it tonight).

3 inch pizza

3 inch pizza


Guess what happened when the pizzas went in the oven



The photos do not do it justice, we had to pop them just to get them to deep crust proportions.

The who idea of making your own pizza was a great hit, and Crochet Widower was kept happy putting them in to their individual little pizza boxes.

Every one decided playing out on bikes and scooters was more fun than party games so all that was really left was the sweet table courtesy of Donnamarie’s Sweet Thoughts


The wine bottles are candles, I mean entirely made of wax, totally amazing. THIS time there was not as much left over so I shan’t be eating sweets ’till Christmas.

With that over I am going to sit and crochet and refuse to move (until bath time)











5 thoughts on “PIZZA PARTY

  1. Yum! I’ve never made the dough from scratch, but I like using croissants from the roll for crusts. Haha, I keep imagining this huge dough oozing from your fridge like an old horror movie 😉


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