a bit “meh”

So, I have not really got much done this last week what with yarn bombing  on Tuesday night, Geek Girl’s sports day on Wednesday, generally feeling unsettled, and the prospect of arrest Wednesday evening.

I have… pardon? oh yes, arrest, OK if you insist.

Late Wednesday morning my local news paper website ran a small and slightly hurried piece about Cromwell’s Pretty Pink Bonnet, some amusing comments were made I may or may not have posted a link to the blog page, all was generally coincided a right lark and I set off to (get sunburnt at) Geek Girl’s sport’s day.

Sports day was lots of fun and Geek Girl was particularly good at the catching the ball game, to kill a little time before The Clone’s class were let out we even went to the ice cream van cunningly parked outside school.

Being a tad obsessy (you may have noticed) on returning home I hurriedly checked the comments on the website, GONE!!!??????!!!! what the…? where had my infamy gone? I want my fifteen minutes. SULK. I pouted through the rest of the evening, had my bath (always makes me feel better) and came down to a text message that turned in to a phone call the second I touched the phone. “are you in lock up?” “no I was in the bath” “my source at the pater tells me that you have been arrested”. Over the coarse of the evening we found out that the Cromwell Appreciation Society were concerned that, should the article remain, yarn bombing Cromwell will become a “thing”. Oh well, at least I did it I have evidence. AAAAANNNNNNNDDDDDD, during a long FB conversation with a selection of nutters the next yarn bombing has taken seed.

My infamy was not as short lived as I had thought, before the article was pulled the next edition of the news paper went to print, too late to pull the printed story, which was longer and a little more accurate.

fame at last

fame at last


BUT, as usual I am referred to a KNITTERS despite stating CROCHET on the very informative quoted note and blog page, and really I know I am on the large side but I am not plural (if I was I might be able to get things done a bit quicker)




2 thoughts on “a bit “meh”

  1. HAHAHAHHAHA – turned out funny, but for a moment there I thought you HAD been arrested. OMG – you scared the be-whup out of me. Couldn’t have done a thing from half a world away, but gees, it all in good fun, and the statue wasn’t damaged in any way. Glad to hear it was all gossip, and all is well.

    Want to really get their ire up – next time put a kilt on him.


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