Cromwell’s Pretty Pink Bonnet

Today (11th June) is international yarn bombing day so prompted by The Treblemaking Hookers  Death Hat challenge I made a pretty pink bonnet for a statue of Oliver Cromwell that.. ahem.. graces our town centre. “Why Cromwell?” I hear you cry, frankly because my mum has told me I MUST yarn bomb him and I am a good girl and do as I am told (OK she has been asking for about ten years, but kids always take their time about things).


There is a little story featuring this statue that, no matter how much truth is in it, has always fascinated me. You see in Warrington we have these golden gates (called The Golden Gates, proper imaginative were the Warringtonions of the past) outside the town hall

One day those Angels will get hats too

One day those Angels will get hats too


The story goes that they were made for the queen Victoria but when she came to view them the statue of Cromwell that was being made for Warrington was behind them. The Queen went ape to say the least and refused the gift so Warrington got them “on the cheep” as it were. How much truth is in this story I don’t know and I really don’t want to did too deep and spoil a story I have loved since I was five.

So back to the yarn bombing, I set out last night to, under cover of darkness, to place the pretty pink bonnet on the oddly proportioned head of Oliver Cromwell, with the help of The Sister , The Muscle, and a long pole the hat was teased in to place.

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I am not happy with the result, but as he is  A LOT taller than I thought, I am old and out of shape, and his elbows were in the way I think we did OK. I do not get my bonus points as I couldn’t get the yarn wrapped around his neck buuuuut I am hopeful that I will make the local news as he is right outside the local newspaper offices.


If you are interested his note says











So Cromwell’s pretty Pink Bonnet may have been removed from the local newspaper website, but I got a longer piece in the printed edition. (I am still being referred to as “knitters”)


fame at last

fame at last


10 thoughts on “Cromwell’s Pretty Pink Bonnet

  1. I don’t know what your paper is, but I have found increasingly these days that local media is lazy. So you gave them a gift by doing this on their doorstep! Well done.

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    • Yes I did, Not long before I had placed roses and rabbits on a statue of Alice in wonderland not too far away from the offices and that didn’t even get a look in. You don’t get a look in if you don’t tell THEM the news. My sister actually text a friend who works there about the bonnet


      • Local media is on the slide these days with cutbacks and, I think, all the local papers being owned by the same company. Not so long ago the Bury Times covered an accident, which I just happened to be at, but their account sounded like fiction as they used this accident to justify is a big council deal to buy land near a junction… even though the accident was no-where near this junction. It was clear that was written from behind a desk in the warm.

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  3. I am in so much awe right now! And a huge grin is on my face – this is absolutely awesome! And very impressed with your tech skills all using the Q-code to scan and learn more about things. **Also I’m glad you were not injured or in any other trouble from doing this – that really IS a tall statue**

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