Back to school

phew, TWO weeks off school and I am ready to sell The Hellions. Between the boredom eating and Crochet Widower disappearing on his boy’s weekend (like all parents) they do not leave me alone. Saying that though Crochet Widower did take them on a tram ride earlier in the week, I even got a “we do love you really” present

Roooooby Gloooom

Roooooby Gloooom


Ruby Gloom was one of the programs that saved my sanity when The Clone was a baby, safe for children but not condescending and saccharin. I suspect I may be Skull Boy.

While they were out I hooked like a demon, you see the Rainbow halter top turned out to be too big so I had to make a smaller one. Which I did in under two days, and it looks amazing on the young slim girl it’s for. The slightly larger one is now for sale in my Etsy store.


Rainbow halter top

Rainbow halter top



There was also a party on Saturday I was not obliged to attend so I watched Teen Wolf (the TV show) and (as usual) Baby Bro is right, once I gave it a chance. I do suspect that when Stiles grow up he will become Coach Cupcake (as he will forever be known. I also started this



More on that on Thursday.


When The Hellions got up on Sunday all they did was pester for cake and tattoos, I gave in on one count.




There was also a small kidnapping incident on Sunday, Geek Girl arrived in the living room with a small curly haired child in toe “we have a little girl” “I’m 3” carrying on the family tradition of kidnapping I see. The next Bev. We then ended up with a set as The Clone produced her own kidnap victim.

That’s it really, I have mostly spent the last two weeks telling The Hellions to tidy up and not to go past the street lights. Back to the parasol this week, aaaarrrrrgggggh, good job it will be the stuff of legends when it’s done.




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