Know your yarn

So what does all that information on my yarn label actually mean? and is it important?


Yarn lable 1


As you can see there is quite a bit of information there (I missed the portion that stated that it is DK yarn)

this yarn weighs 50g, to be honest I have no idea why yarn is still sold by weight as it really helps no one

but there are 130m or yarn, this is the important measurement it lest you know how many balls, skeins, or hanks you will need for your project.

The weight is not really relevant because as this yarn is 100% cotton you will not get the same length for 50g as you would for wool or acrylic.

The manufacturer recommends 3mm knitting needles or 4mm crochet hook, remember this is a recommendation and just a starting point your pattern will get you closer and making a swatch is advised.

With the recommended hook/needles a 10 cm swatch will have 22 stitches and 28 rows, this is a knitting gauge but will be a starting point if you are substituting yarns for a pattern.

Awww little sweaters, this is quite new to me and hove only seen it on this yarn so far, to make a size 14 (I think UK) or 40 inch chest sweater you will need about 500g or ten balls. I assume this is a plain knitting estimation so again should only be used as a guide.

Washing instructions, and why keeping the ball band is a good idea, wash at 30, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, cool iron, you can dry clean it if you want.


yarn lable 2


THIS bit is important, colour (21) and dye lot (1) ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS check your dye lot when buying, when I wrote the skater dress  pattern I was sent ONE ball of an odd dye lot, I worked that ball and part of the next in the evening, the next day in the sunlight I had to frog the whole lot as there was a strip in a obviously different colour. I can not stress enough about checking the dye lot.

That’s about that really TTFN


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