The Rainbow’s end

This week has been kind of odd for me, it is half tern so The Hellions have been home all day, I spent the first half of the week in a post camping haze, and (because of the other two points) a quick project took most of the week.

I started and finished a comision for a rainbow halter top this week, I was really sceptical about how it would look to be honest, but hey I wasn’t the one who would be wearing it. But once it was done I am actually in love with it, I will not be making one for me as it is more for the young and hip rather than the old and hippie but, well…






I started with a Drops  pattern but started at row 10 and worked two rows of each colour at a time. there was quite some muttering and mumbling with regards to how to start but I got there in the end. The granny squares are just plain old granny squares but I attached them to the top and each other by whip stitching the back loops only together. There was a close call when I had to frog back the entire day’s work because my stitch count went for a walk and nearly threw it out of the window, but I stuck with it (and counted the stitch count on every row).

I have also spent much time this week rearranging the blog for a more professional “shop” feel, do let me know what you think, and preparing for the implementation of some new legislation in the UK  that has caused quite some flap amongst the pattern selling community but what I see it to mean is that if someone want’s a refund within 14 days of buying a pattern I have to give it unless I jump through a load of hoops and get them to tick a box saying they won’t ask for a refund for any reason. SO I will carry on planning to give refunds when asked for, I have yet to be asked for a refund and the main reason people ask for one seems to be when they THINK they are buying a physical item rather than a PDF pattern.

that has been about it really, I am hoping to finish the parasol in the coming week then I can format the pattern AND list custom slots on Etsy so non crocheters can stay out of the sun too.







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