How to price a commission

Too often I am asked for a quote on a commissioned item and never hear again from the customer again once they are given a price. There is a belief out there that hand made is cheap, this is not so, to start with most hand makers do not buy materials in bulk like a major store can, and most store bought items are made by machine and/or in developing countries. With this in mind it is impractical to charge an hourly rate as I would price myself out of the market and not all crocheters work at the same speed so would be unfair to fast crocheters, so I charge per meter.


I have three levels of pricing;

4p per meter, this is for simple minimal shaping no sewing items like a beanie  or scarf .




6p a meter, for items that involve a stitch pattern or shaping like a Nate beanie or gloves .

Nate beanie



8p per meter,  we are getting complicated now, lots of shaping, probably sewing, usually rather big or very small like a filet curtain or an amigurumi .

I also charge for the actual yarn used rather than a full ball, so if I use 100 meters of a 150 meter ball I will only charge 2/3 of the price of the ball. I gave even been known to waive the price of yarn on small items that I had the yarn in stash for but shhhhhh don’t tell.

zips and buttons and the like are added to the final cost but again, if I happen to have one in stash or the individual price is small I may not bother (I’m nice like that)


So now you know how I do it, other crafters will have a different system but they WILL be fare and will; probably not be making a liveable wage, why not ask for the pricing structure when you think the price is steep you might be surprised at how little the crafter actually takes for themselves (and even that usually gets put back in to the craft). And if you see a pair of crochet gloves for £2.50 check if it’s the pattern before asking for a pair in green.





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