Last at bat

Wayback Wednesday, I can’t believe this was only a year ago

Itchy Crochet

Or this hookers lifetime obsession come to fruition 

Last night I finally got to see Meatloaf and with the love of my life as well (don’t tell him I said that). A bit of backstory; The first real album I ever owned was Meatloaf and friends on cassette, my mum bought it for me   which in itself was special as my mum does not “do” record shops. I loved it, obviously Meatloaf was not new to me but I had only had borrowed albums before so being able to listen to this one album for as long as I wanted was a treat. And listen I did, that album was in my walkman for six months, the rest of Meatloaf’s discography followed (not all 121 albums but a lot of them). The world has moved on since then and so have I, I have an MP3 player, I no…

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