Mud, Dub, and Wood

This weekend The Hellions and I went on an impromptu camping holiday with my sister, her husband, and Dave the dog.  The predominant theme for the weekend was mud, when we arrived on Friday afternoon it was tricky to get on to the field to camp, then it rained, a lot,  by Monday morning people were getting towed off by a tractor.

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This was a VW appreciation camping event so we went in Oprah Diddy and Billy’s camper, we slept in the roof and The Hellions loved every min of it, it was like Peppa pigs camper van. I did not get much sleep as Geel Girl needs ALL THE BED and has elbows made of knives.

2014-05-26 08.37.54

There was entertainment at least, so I got a little crocheting done.

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When it wasn’t raining we made friends, played games, and had a camp fire. The Hellions put wood on the fire with litter pickers, the wood was dried grass but they thought they were being ever so helpful.

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We are back home now, washing machine doing it’s thing, we have had a bath and I am planning on eating some cheese and crackers with the chutneys I bought.


From a tired, but happy hooker


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