And breath

This week has been kind of slow on the crochet front, with the completion of the Doctor who curtain I have done some “sorbet” crocheting, you know to clear my pallet, in preparation for the next big thing.


I found a lovely pattern for a love heart coin purse at I’m Hooked, so went a little over the top with colour choice , because I have no use for ten coin purses AND the pattern is so nice to work I have listed them in my Etsy store for £3.50 +P&P.

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I also wrote a new free pattern this week, this is no ordinary pattern though as I would like to use it to encourage people to donate to St Rocco’s hospice, a local charity who do wonderful work providing care for people with cancer and their families.  To learn more pop over to the blog page about the pattern, there is no obligation to donate the pattern is there for all to use.



A school friend asked, if I have time, if I could make a newborn hat. While I had not planned on starting the next big project until Monday I thought I’d give it a go, HAHAHAHAH, it took five hours go get a hat to turn out the correct size. It have been quite some time since I have had regular contact with a tiny baby and even my youngest was never THAT small. I have listed a set in my Etsy store for £8 +P&P

sugar and spice wm

This week is the start of another big project, it’s a two birds, one stone kind of deal. I will be writing a pattern and selling the finished items, so every one can have one. Can you tell what it is yet?





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