Caution, approach with care

There are things in  life that annoy me, I get fixated on these things and shake them like a terrier, most of them are out of my control but they bother me any way, some are craft related and I would like to tell you about them;


  1. “Aren’t you clever” well no actually (OK I am but that has nothing to do with my craft) I am skilful, creative, patient (to a degree), and productive, but not clever. Compliment my work, I mean ALL the compliments, “oooh, it’s beautiful”, “cunning idea”, or “Such a clever idea” I love to hear nice things said about my work, personal compliments make me feel guilty (lots of things make me feel guilty to be honest) but you should see my grin when someone clicks “like”.
  2. “is there a pattern?” this should not be the fist thing “out of your  mouth” (so to speak) If it is my design I will have posted a link in the comments or else it is in my patterns album (some are even free). If I have used another designer’s pattern I WILL have linked it in the comments (I always do)
  3. This brings me to; Read the comments, I post in Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, it can get tiresome answering the same question on the same photo six or seven times when two comments up I already answered. Read the comments, some times they are funnier than the post, usually they have more information.
  4. Use your own photos. Now I have never had to deal with this myself (I think that’s a testament to my bad photography skills) but I have seen other crafters (not just yarn craft) using stock photos or pattern photos to show “what I CAN make”. Not only does this NOT show your workman ship but it is against copy-rite law unless you have permission.
  5. I am not going to make friends with this one; Stop b!t(hing that some one else has “Ripped off your idea”. I mean, Really? you are the only person to think to put beads together in that way? that mass produced paper cutting pattern is only for your use? you are the only person allowed to use THAT formation of stitches? A truly original idea is so rare these days that that crafter doing something just like you do may never have even seen your work.
  6. But saying that, don’t completely copy someone else’s work, you are better than that and there are enough ideas to go around. OK, so you see a hat pattern and you think “ooh, that’s lovely I could do that” so sit down to write a pattern for that hat, why waste your time? why not push yourself? add a “but” and change the brim or stitch pattern, come on you know you can.
  7. If you see something you like LINK TO THE ORIGINAL if you can not “share” as a consumer and peruser there is nothing more annoying than seeing the perfect sarcastic t-shirt and not being able to find it to throw my money at. As a designer when you just screen grab one of my photos and do not put any info on you are depriving the world of my AMAZING and varied talents.
  8. Learn the difference between copy rite and trademark. Anything written down on paper, computer, photograph, etc is copy rite, automatically, you do not need to apply for it or post things to yourself. All crochet patterns free or paid are copyrighted. Trade mark is applied for, paid for, and MUST be defended or it is forfeit, so when Disney send a cease and desist order to the crafter making hair bows with Disney ribbon they are not money grabbing they are protecting EVERY image of that character.
  9. Don’t leave me hanging. If you ask for a price for a custom order and it is higher than you expected let me know, you see I have a pricing structure that does not in any way come close to paying an hourly wage because a lot of people think handmade is  cheep, and I could not get the hourly rate. A Nate beanie would cost £7 with my current pricing structure of 4p, 6p, or 8p per meter (plus costs)  but at an hourly rate would cost £32.60 at minimum wage never mind skilled wages. So if it is more that you are willing to pay tell me.
  10. Show a little respect, not just for me for other commentators. You are allowed an opinion but so is every one else, voice your opinion by all means but don’t insult people, don’t expect the whole world to have your priorities or desires, if in doubt leave it and come back later chances are you’ll find nicer words while washing the dishes.



To add a little fun to all that ranty I would like to tell you about the new game The Witches have come up with. OK so you stick a moustache to the TV and, in the official version when the moustache lines up with a person’s face you drink. With me so far?

Like this

Like this


Now, because The Witches tend not to do things in a predictable or expected manner, on Monday we ended up with a different version. You stick a moustache to the TV and spend the next hour trying to get a good photo of it lining up

I mean, really ladies

I mean, really ladies

And with that. TTFN





4 thoughts on “Caution, approach with care

  1. Hi Itchy, I love your rant, I so need to have a little rant myself from time to time. I also believe in LINKING TO THE ORIGINAL, it’s not difficult to do and if I’m browsing for myself I don’t want to visit half a dozen sites just looking for the original. My photo’s are not brilliant, they have improved I guess and will continue to do so as I master the skill slowly. I also make sure to add text of my blog website to all my own pictures, quite useful for pininterest and good old google image seach.

    I had to laugh at you ladies and the moustache on the television thing, what a hoot you are 🙂

    ps: I think this is my first comment actually on your blog … as you know I usually comment to your posts on G+

    Have a great weekend, I have this weekend off work (yay!) and I also have tomorrow off work (another yay!) I hope to get my new blog post posted tomorrow … I just haven’t had time for well over a week xxx


    • My photography is a bit lacking, but I feel it ads to the “mine” ness. I love The Witches they really do make me laugh. Enjoy your weekend, I will be having a slow weekend (I don’t do stop) in preparation for pattern writing next week.

      I love all the communication methods, I have been known to have three conversations at once with the same person.


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