The end of a long project

This week I finally finished The Hellions Doctor Who curtain, I started the curtain in JULY 2013, that was NINE months ago. OK, it didn’t take nine months of crocheting it was more like eight week but other projects got in the way, craft fairs, elves, and The Helena sweater so the curtain spent a lot of time hibernating.


This curtain came about because The Hellions don’t really have that much made by me, probably because it’s my job, but finding a joint project for those two is not easy with one being pink and clothes, and makeup, and the other being spiderman, and hulk, and Loki, finding the middle ground can be tricky, but WE ALL LOVE Doctor Who, so off I set.


The project did not go at all smoothly, start with I though the four charts I found would be plenty






Oh was I wrong, I then though two more would be enough but I couldn’t find any more so had to design them.



Sonic screwdriver


Not too bad a job, but the curtain was the same length as it had been before WHATTHEHOOK? back to the drawing bored. I designed one more and used the last one of Meredee’s charts


 The Doily of Rassilon



Phew it was long enough





????? just??????


This is after blocking, it was actually hourglass shaped, I was a scooch upset (P1$$3d) so off to find a border I went taking a couple of weeks off in the process.






2  hearts coaster


It plays in nicely with the love of the Doctor, then came more expletives as this is the biggest filet piece I have made and blocking was a PTA, but it got blocked

Phew all I had to do was wait, OK we all know THAT wasn’t going to happen, so I got the hair dryer out (that hair dryer is used more for “non purpose” jobs than drying hair) and set to speeding things along. Once it was dry I shredded my nails taking the pins out (note to self buy blocking pins) so consoled myself with putting them in the pin cushion in colour order, the ones that didn’t lose their heads or bend that is.


AT LAST it’s up




With that done I am working a couple of small projects to chill my brain, then back to it with a grand undertaking, so TTFN




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