Curiouser and curiouser

As some of you will already know I live in Warrington, Cheshire, a place with (oddly) quite a few “celebratory” connections and one that plays a big part is the Revd Charles Lutwidge Dodgson better known as Lewis Carrol as he was born in Daresbury, we even have a statue in the town centre


I remember when “the Alice” was first placed where it is when I was seven, the highlight of a trip in to town was having lunch sat with the hatter.


Now, a little bit about Alice. Alice was based on a real girl, Alice Liddell, who’s birthday was May 4th, when I stumbled upon her birthday a plan began to form, I had time and half an idea. So I had where and when I just needed what. It took lot longer than it should have to connect Alice with my rabbit pattern but once I had that idea the roses were  obvious


rabbits and roses


I used Roses by Sandra Åhlberg and made one petal white because we all know the rose’s had to be painted red. With the help of The Hellions ten roses and ten rabbits were placed around The Alice and an explanation was left


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Each piece had a tag attached explaining that they were to be taken home

take me home

take me home


And we ran away to go about our day, I would love to hear from the people who took them home as it does rather make me smile thinking of them making other people smile. I am now planning next years yarn bombing and just need to do a little research.





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