Last year’s yarn bombing

As part of a celebration of international yarn bomb day encouraged by the Treble making hookers I bombed our local park, I chose the park because we had just had a new play areal built and there was a grand opening happening the next week.





With the help of Baby Bro and Mr Jim, who are both rather tall so I didn’t need to take a big ladder with me to the park in the middle of the night I (they) strung rainbow bunting up at the parks entrance. The bunting ended up too long so some of it is on the roof. This is actually an old tram stop, I did not know this until I researched, the things you find out when you yarn bomb.


There were slugs and snails placed all around the park

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They had a tag on them telling people to take them home

take me home

take me home



And a not was attached to the park noticeboard


why are you doing this?

why are you doing this?



All in all a good time was had by all

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By the time I went back on the school run the next day all but three of the snails had gone, and when I was passing fifteen minuets later on the way home they were ALL gone.

next time, Alice Liddell


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