SO I carried on yarn bombing

Last week I tried to write a quick post about yarn bombing in preparation for my next one and it got a touch out of hand and turned in to a full piece about my first yarn bombing, so now I will tell you all about my second yarn bombing, it was nothing as big and wasn’t a commission but I think it was well received at least.


When The Clone was little I went to the local family centre, The Sunshine Centre, a couple of times a week. It was free, it was aimed at children, there were other parents to talk to, and it got me out of the house. Now, as you can imagine I quickly became well know as a talker and quite personable, during a conversation about craft with one of the support workers I mentioned, my then new, obsession with crochet, as a generally enthusiastic type she got rather excited indeed and requested a sunshine for the centre, I said I’d see what I could do.


Time rolled on and what with one thing and another I didn’t find time or the right pattern for the sunshine, Geek Girl was born and The Clone started nursery so there I was again at the Sunshine Centre with an entirely new baby still with the small project in mind. Then one day I was invited to a yard sale, yard sales do not happen in the UK all that often so it was a new experience for me and was totally at odds with my guilt complex, The lady holding the yard sale lived in America and was selling fer mom’s yarn and stuff because she didn’t want to fly it home with her, and OMWW was there a lot of it. The mom had been a knitting and crochet teacher and had a stash to beat any of yours, with hooks and yarn and needles spilling out in to the street I’m sure it couldn’t have all fit in the house to start with. When I got home and sorted through the pile of crochet patterns I had found I came across the perfect sun, in afghans unlimited

taaaa daaaaa

taaaa daaaaa

Then a plan began to form, so on the 21st of June 2012, in the poring rain as a celebration of the summer solstice I hung my small but perfectly formed sun on the gate of the Sunshine centre . sunshine   With a note attached The story of why I may write about the third yarn bombing a little early as THIS weekend is Alice Liddel’s birthday and I will have another yarn bombing to write about, TTFN signature


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