Ten ways to an entertaining life

That’s right ENTERTAINING not happy, you see I default to happy, I am happy unless moved otherwise, the current challenge of posting a happy photo for 100 days, while lovely and refreshing is lost on me I would have a hard time picking a thing to photograph let alone choosing only one photo to post. But (oooh bad writing) I understand that I am not usual (in this and lost of other things besides) and there are lots of people for whom it take concious thought to be happy and others that simply can not be happy at this time due to chemical imbalances and with lots of blogs out there listing “10 ways to be happy” or “ten habits of happy people” and the #100doaysofhappy the pressure to be constantly happy can be rather counter productive, I reckon everyone can do with a little entertainment now and again.



  1. Listen to nature: not for the reason you think, basically the whole point of nature is the continuation of the species so what you are hearing is animals trying to kill or mate with each other. Now for the entertainment, make up the words in your head, voice those animals to attract a mate, pretend it is a Friday night at a nightclub.
  2. Smile at babies: OK so I chose babies because they don’t judge, they are still young enough to like people, and they are usually looking for some one to smile at them. The fun part is the reaction, I usually get that “nutter” look, but then I get that off adults too.
  3. Listen to the lyrics: I have a tendency to forget I have music on when walking and lost in thought, this led to an amusing moment when the Jaws “der dums” came on and I had forgot I was listening to movie soundtracks. But when REALLY listening can lead to amusing lyrics you had never noticed before.
  4. Set impossible goals: This is an easy one and by far my favourite, I do it with crochet all the time. So the goal is impossible, you know it is, when you don’t reach the goal it’s not your fault, it was impossible. But (I’m at it again) when you actually achieve that impossible goal you get to claim supernatural powers and sing the “I win” song
  5. Be selectively superstitious: OK, say you are waiting for news of a job application or exam results, play solitaire (or candy crush, you know, play on your skills) if you win the game (or level) then you will get the outcome you want, but as we are being selective if you lose it was a duff level and you get another go. This also works for magpies, eye lashes, and stars.
  6. Google yourself: or friends for that matter. When I google The Hellions’s real names I discover they are not as unusual names as I thought, and putting them together is rather usual. Googling MY name lead to the discovery of 21 people in the UK with the same name. Great way to procrastinate.
  7. Try to find a googlewhack (link): In essence a Googlewhack is a Google search of two words that only has one result. Dave Gorman had an adventure and traveled around the world with his Googlewhacks, if you haven’t already (it’s quite old now) do read the book ore watch the DVD. (wow mad advert in the middle of my list)
  8. Make something: Really anything, those paper dolls that hold hands, Crisp packet shrinkies (bonus of eating the crisps), anything, it does not need to be complicated or require learning a new skill just a little thing will do.
  9. Buy and use an ingredient you can’t pronounce: This may involve Google again but is not necessarily expensive, check out the reduced section in your supermarket, look at the herbs and spices section, sometimes the vegetable section has interesting stuff.
  10. Flip a coin:  why is up to you, how much time you have, and money. Go for a walk and flip the coin for which direction to take at junctions. Flip the coin for what to watch while you crochet. Go to the train station and flip the coin for a train. Peas or Beans? flip that coin.

And there you have it, do one thing a day, week, month what ever, but do something from that list now and again to help your life be more entertaining, we are modern after all we are are allowed pure entertainment.


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