So what is yarn bombing then?

OK, so this was supposed to be a quick summery of my past yarn bombing, but after writing the first one up it looks like this is going to be too too long for one post so I’ll do them all individually.


Yarn bombing is the act of decorating a public place with yarn craft, usually the area/object decorated is known for it’s starkness. MY favourite by other people are the ones where a statue is clothed in yarn or small amigurum are placed for people to take home. Here  is a google image search for yarn bombing, you will notice that not a lot of yarn bombers are willing to be photographed, this may have something to do with it being graffiti and therefore illegal, but sometimes a local council will commission a yarn bombing  for publicity and those ones are legal.

Yarn bombing brings out some extreme reactions, some people love it and will defend to the death their right to do what they like, where they like with their yarn. Others say it is a waste of yarn/time, and an eye-sour, we should be making blankets for the homeless/hospitals and not be so wasteful. Well my opinion is that you are entitled to your opinion, you are entitled to voice that opinion, but you need to respect others opinions as well, so there 😛

My first yarn bombing

In 2011 I was looking for a venue to host a craft evening (non of this knitting club (crocheters welcome) lark) and in the course of the search I met James who was incredibly helpful and actually organised a space for us at the local arts centre, well, during our conversations yarn bombing was brought up, I got giddy and waved my hands around a lot and we decided giving a local instillation “The Warrington Guardians” (locally known as the skittles) hats and scarves in time for winter. Well with lots of emails and meetings a plan was formed and the best postal day of my life arrived




6kg of chunky yarn and a 20mm hook, I held the yarn double and it still took 25 hours to make the 5 hats and 45 scarves. The scarves looked nothing short of amazing, with wire keeping their shape and invisible thread supporting the ends.

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The hat’s on the other hand were a disaster, I had struggled to get measurements for the top of the skittles so when we came to install them they were too small. I was hooking away to make the hat’s bigger while the scarves were being installed. Then once they fit it was evident that as the skittles were not head shaped they were not going to look right at all.

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I don’t know many people who saw the finished thing, they didn’t stay up for long, but that is kind of the point (for me any way) I created art that people took home with them, it did not need to be cleaned away, it did not go saggy and stringy in the rain, it did not damage local wildlife. It did get a (bad) mention in the local news paper where I was referred to as a group of knitters, I mean I’m big but not THAT big.


spot the Geek Girl

spot the Geek Girl



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