School holidays

The problem with The Hellions is they want to go places and do things, I mean, how inconvenient, I just want to sit with Netflix and crochet but nooooooooooo.


Going places

So last week we went to Greenfield Vally heritage park near Flint, at £15 for the four of us it was quite good. It is relatively new and though we had been to the Abby for photo shoots and picnics this was our first time in the “paid” bit.

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We watched the black smith (The Hellions said it stank), we had a picnic and The Hellions had to check if the fluttery things were butterflies or fairies (the ones that got away were fairies), and we went for a walk on the woodland trail.

The woodland trail is something special (I did not take photos for you as they would be spoilers), there are fairies. Along the walk there are notices telling you all about the different trees, there mystical properties and botanical facts, each tree has a guardian fairy if you are quiet and really look. The Hellions looked for the fairies while I told them the Lore (they were not much interested in the biology), I even learned some new stuff.

Greenfield is about two miles from Abakhan and I didn’t go and buy yarn. I am SOOOOOOO good.

Doing things

Obviously you MUST make some form of egg related item in April, or so the internet would have you believe, so we make rice crispy eggs.



4 table spoons of butter

4 cups of marshmallows

7 cups of rice crispies


a glob of coconut oil

and those two part eggs you can put treats in


melt the butter, we did it in the microwave but over a pan of water will work.

now add the marshmallows and milt them, eventually I used a whisk to help everything mix together.

now the kids get stuck in

add the rice crispies to the mix and stir in (gently) untill they are totally and evenly coated.

coat the inside of an egg and your hands with the coconut oil, any oil will work but we happened to have coconut (it’s an expensive do) and it did wonders for my dry hands.

squish the mixture in to both sides of the egg, we made holes in the middle and put M&Ms in there, close the egg and leave for ten min.

we had six eggs and there was a lot of left over so we made squares as well.


after ten min, or a visit from your sister, remove your eggs from the molds (or cut your squares) and decorate how ever you like.


As usual our decorating was not up to “super mum does everything right and blogs about it” standards, but hay The Hellions were allowed to actually decorate their eggs rather than looking at mummy do it so it was perfect, but then even the one I did was a bit Salvador Dali.

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Next on the list is vinegar and bicarbonate of soda

I know what you are thinking, but not a volcano in sight, WE made art (The Hellions said it was stinky)

wot, no volcano?

wot, no volcano?


With a plate full of bicarbonate of soda and some vinegar coloured with food colour we made fizzy art.

By using a piece of drinking straw as a pipette we also explored atmospheric pressure.

I was promised by Pinterest two hours of fun, I got five min the The Clone was pestering, but hay I tried.


On Sunday we had a treasure hunt, as I forgot to take any photos of my amazingly animated clues you’ll have to take my word for it that they were truly amazing and every one had fun.


Things that I did


I made hair detangler with

a spray bottle

a 50/50 mix of cheap hair conditioner and water

and a couple of drops of essential oil (mango and passion flower or some such)

but it all in the bottle and shake, shake, shake.


buying in all the equipment (including bottle) cost about £3, the essential oils were £2 of that, a bottle of detangler at it’s cheapest costs about £2 and this will make ten times the amount I am happy with the cost. But does it work?



I think so

I think so



While I was brushing her hair after first using the detangler I wasn’t convinced, but the next morning when it was all knotted and birds-nested it was actually easier to brush, so win.


And finally I finished the free form sweater



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This leaves me now with five UFOs sat on and around my work shelf, this week it yarn bombing items and the border for the Doctor who curtain.






2 thoughts on “School holidays

  1. Wow! Busy month and it’s not over yet! You’ve done a lot! I love that garden place you visited with the Hellions – what fun – I would totally love it there. We have a botanic garden at a drivable distance – with hidden garden and music garden so similar idea. One of my favorite places ever. Love your sweater and all the pics are fabulous. I especially like the colored rice crispy eggs. If i wanted to see perfect child art pics, I’d look at Pinterest. LOL. I like yours better!


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