Colour your hand

On Saturday we went to Otherworlds convention at the local collage, this was The Hellions first experience of mass cozplay, there was a world record attempt at the most fairies in one place (we got no where near but we tried). We dressed as fairies and had a lovely time


2014-04-05 11.50.40



I even bought myself a new set of ears

2014-04-05 16.01.28



On Sunday it was Geek Girls birthday party, she had a cookie baking party. Yep, 8 kids and cookie dough what could possibly go wrong?

Very little as it turns out, one child had a mystery rash so had to go to the doctors, but her sister still came. The socially uncomfortable kid was fine but his brother wanted to go home (they live on our street so no problem). They were all little darlings and behaved impeccably.

We even had a professional sweet table

Spiderman themed odiously, I think it’s rather ACE and so does Geek Girl. We now have so many left over sweets that I think they will last ’till the next party in June .





So I would like to say a little bit about the importance of creativity (especially in children)

When I was about five my teacher asked us to draw around our hands and colour them in, well, I think I did a good job of it

it kind of looked like this

it kind of looked like this

I was rather proud at how neat it was to be honest, I was not the most dexterous of children, so what do you think my teacher said?


“Where is your green finger? your hand is not that pink, do it again properly”

What? hang on, what did you expect a five year old to do?



There are so many memes out there along the lines of “the creative adult is the child who survived” yet mumblety years ago someone who chose to teach FIVE year olds was suppressing childrens’ creativity that way. Lucky for me my mum agreed with me so I was encouraged to be creative and told that my had was fine.


I have one rule with The Hellions “you can make as much mess as you like as long as you tidy up after yourself”

yep, THAT rule works

yep, THAT rule works

So, OK, they never tidy up without a fight but a mum can dream.



Don’t let any one stifle your creativity colour your hand however you want






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