Let the colours guide you

Just a quick one today, I need to do some sewing for Geek Girls birthday party.

If you are a liker of my Face Book  you will have notice my new sweater


Colour led sweater


And the back











I am not 100% happy with this one but since it started life as an infinity scarf and just grew it hasn’t done too bad a job.

I think the trick to making a colour led sweater is is the yarn, do not chose STRIPED yarn, the phrase to look for is “print”, I used Sirdar Montana because I happened to have a load of it in my stash and I must say I’ll be using it for the next one. It might help if you check out the colour change before committing, I found a huge green stripe in the middle of each ball, lucky for me I happened to decide in DC/TRC 2 in to 1 for that stripe so it condensed it for me.


Next up find a basic pattern for size and cast on stitches, which ever style you like will work, I’m an in the round top down kind of gal and I simply “winged it for this one” . For each style of sweater or what have you the colour change will work out different  and there for create a different look, go with what you like but remember basic stitches as you are going to be making your own stitch pattern.


OK, are you ready? at this point I like to make a centre pull (why will become clear in a bit) if you cast on using foundation stitches  you can change your stitches right from the first row. I like to start with SC/DC in the first colour but when you get to the next colour just do what you feel like, DC/TRC, clusters, back loops, post stitches, you name it go for it, I came across a green in my yarn I was not keen on so I chained that colour and worked over the chain in the next row to hide it, it worked out quite nice I feel. If you want a more subtle look try alternating back/front loops with each colour change. I find it prevents things from being too uniform if you alternate between centre and outside pulls.


And lastly, don’t forget to have fun, you are making a true one of a kind, no one in the world will make YOUR sweater, the pattern you use, your yarn choice, your choice of stitches, and your mistakes will make it your sweater, love it, own it, ware it with pride





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