Lets talk about sex

Well OK GENDER. Knowing, as you do, that I am the mother of two girls, you suspect this post is going to be about women’s rights and equality and in a way I am, but I would like to approach things from a different angle. You may remember me posting (some time ago) about men who crochet, well, even as I wrote that post I was struck with the oddness of of it all. What is so special about about men who crochet, they are doing nothing more impressive than the women out there who crochet, yet there I was singling them out by their Y chromosome as note worthy (though to be fair they ARE amazing but not because they are men).

I stand in the playground in the morning and hear things that infuriate me; a mother who says her son will never play with the play kitchen, shopping carts are for girls, “no honey, put it down boys don’t play with dolls”. I mean really? you don’t want your son be comfortable in the kitchen? Tell that to Gordon Ramsay. I am rather sure that I have seen men out shopping in Sainsbury’s before. And isn’t the point of dolls to play “parents”, Baby Brother had a doll Thomas, some one had bought the doll for me clearly with pout thinking about me because I played with cars and hit boys who declared I would be rescued in “cops and robbers” what would I do with a doll? Baby Brother was such a good dad to that doll that when he set off for work in Europe he left Thomas with me to keep him safe

poor boy

poor boy

Thomas is now in intensive care, as three months with Geek Girl (too much like her mother that one) Thomas lost a leg, we are working on mending him but the how is proving tricky.

My biggest bugbear is clothing, why is it more socially acceptable for The Hellions to dress like this

Must be Wednesday

Must be Wednesday

Than it is for this boy and his dad

You see, kids don’t know about “girl’s” and “boy’s” stuff until they are told, and while I think Goldie blox look quite fun the fact that they are “engineering toys for girls” worries me, what about the boys that like pink and would LOVE little animal toppers for their inventions? should they be made to feel wrong because it says it is for girls.

I love this meme

I love this meme

It says it all, and the only way we will get gender equality is if we get them while they are young and while the “let toys be toys” campaign is doing lots of good work they need your help, either as a parent by NOT teaching your children there are “boy’s” things and “girl’s” things or by signing the petitions.

“How does this relate to crochet? I am here for crochet you mad woman” hats people, HATS,

There are 17,226 hats for girls

There are 6,762 for boys


There are 21,575 for heads

Now I see the point of clothing for men and women, we are, after all, different shapes and have limps and bumps in different places but hats? really? what makes a hat for a man different from one for a woman? I do like the unisex number but shall we work on pushing that up a bit?

SO on that note I shall leave you, TTFN



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