You know what bugs me?

carpet beetles

I think they are quite pretty

I think they are quite pretty

The bane of natural fibre craters and museums the world over, the beetles them selves are no real problem BUT the larva

look just like sock fluff

look just like sock fluff

eat anything, much like The Hellions, eat anything that gets in their way, and if they get in to your yarn they will hide in side the skeins and nibble through the strands until you have bitty breaks you’ll never know about until you work that yarn up.

Though they are not a hygiene issue and will mostly come in to your home from the outside world rather than you “bringing them in” we want to protect our stash so out they must go.

  • The vacuum is your friend, regular vacuuming, suck those little %$^%$%$ up and empty the vacuum straight away, and keep up with it.
  • store your stash in plastic, they are not keen on man made materials. Never store stash in cardboard, it’s just extra food.
  • hot or cold, any yarn you suspect of having carpet beetles can be placed in a plastic bag and put in the freezer for a couple of days, anything safe to wash at high temperatures can be.

Now other than eating your stash there is only really a problem with carpet beetles if you are sensitive to the hairs on the larva, I am sensitive

to the little &^%^$%$ so now I know what these are

annoying little...

annoying little…

They look like spots but don’t have a “head” and are for the most part REALLY annoying. As carpet beetles play out at night and are attracted to the CO2 you breath out they’ll get you in bed.

SO there you have it, my bedroom is getting the cleaning of it’s life but at leat my stash is safe in a differant room stored in plastic.



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