Experimental arts

OK so nothing controversial.

This week, spurred on by a surplus of couscous, and inspired by coloured rice, I made a rainbow

rainbow couscous

I had grand hopes for the artwork The Hellions would make with this for me, though suspected they would probably end up making a mess. Imagain my suprise when there was not couscous all over the floor and I got

2014-03-16 12.57.44


Oh and do you remember the play-dough I made last week? well I made that on the Friday and it is still squishy, so good stuff.

Using the Shell stitch beanie  pattern I made two more hats. I made size 6-12 months, my bowl is 18 1/2 inches around and the hat has some give in it, it took about 60m of yarn.

shell stitch beanie

The pink hat used  Rico Design Creative Cotton Aran, and though I have used it many times before I felt it unspun it’s self rather too much so might have a go at using it left handed next time to see if that helps.

The aqua hat used Rico Design Fashion Julia Aran, the metallic thread occasionally caught on my hook but apart from that it is lovely and soft to work with and gets my vote.


I went a little over bored and made ten sets of mix and match flowers to button on to the hats, but hay variety is the spice of life.

Now we get to the big news,

Colour led stitch patterns.

I mean wow what an idea, the idea came from a thread on Ravelry (yes looking on Rav is work, why do you ask?) on Thursday and as I happened to have some variegated yarn in my stash (It was earmarked for the next pattern but now I have other ideas) I decided to make a short infinity scarf.


Each colour has it’s own stitch pattern I am using SC, horizontal bar, back loop, clusters, and miss one, and I have to say I am loving it, I am loving it so much this scarf is now a sweater (well 1/4 of a sweater right now). I am now looking in to some variegated aran yarns to make more and as I can only wear so many sweaters I might be selling them as OOAKs on Etsy, THAT is how much I am loving the organised randomness of the whole project.

As it is difficult to see the colour change in a yarn until it has been worked finding the best aran for the job is proving difficult to say the least, what do you recommend?

and on that note TTFN


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