Unchain my heart

This week I will be showing you the Foundation Single Crochet (FSC) this is a stitch that allows you to work with out the traditional foundation chain. Now I never did like the foundation chain, getting the tension just right, both loops Vs just the one, abd the extra time it takes working in to a chain as opposed to in to a stitch. The foundation stitches do away with all that plus have the added bonus of start and finish looking the same.

You can replace the foundation stitches with a chain and a row of stitches to no real ill and conversely you can replace the chain and first row in pretty much all patterns with foundation stitches.

I am going to demonstrate the SINGLE foundation stitch but the principal is the same for all foundation stitches

Start with a 2 ch

2 CH

2 CH

Insert your hook in the second chain from hook

2nd CH from hook

2nd CH from hook

Pull up a loop through ONE loop on hook

This now loop replaces the traditional foundation chain

pull up a loop

Just the one loop mind

When you are starting out it may help to place a bit of scrap yarn between these loops (under the hook) as I have discovered the usual confusion with this stitch is “where do I put my hook?”

Pull a loop through both loops on hook

both loops this time

both loops this time

Insert hook in first loop space

Where you put the scrap yarn

Where you put the scrap yarn

Repeat the steps to form the next stitch

Pull a loop through ONE loop on hook, then pull a loop through BOTH loops

Go on you can do it

Go on you can do it

Once you get the hang of it it really is rather simple. I have demonstrated the SFC and as I say the principal applies to all stitches but if you would like me to demonstrate any other foundation stitches please do let me know and I’ll get right on it.


I have a few patterns that use the foundation stitches

Skater dress, yes BOTH

The Key hole scarf

and the Nate one 

nate mittens

nate gloves

nate neck warmer

nate beanie

kids nate beanie

nate slouch

Helena sweater

Batman baby

Robin baby

Little red riding hood

Santa baby

deer stalker baby hat

Fingerless gloves

long slouchy hat

Hmmm can you tell I love foundation stitches?



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