Lets join together

This week I will be discussing my three most used methods of joining granny squares, there are as many joining methods as there are stitch patterns which is why I have limited myself to three.

Firstly whip stitch

This is the method I use the least, though it makes a nice flat join I really do not like sewing.

Starting at the corner stitch pass darning needle through corresponding stitches on two squares.

whip 1

Pass the needle through all stitches down the side of the square, always pass the needle in the same direction.

whip 2

Slip stitch

I rather like the raised effect.

Again starting at the corner stitch but holding the squares wrong sides together.

slip 1

Insert hook in corresponding stitches.

slip 2Yarn over and pull up a loop

slip 3pull loop directly through first loop on hook.

slip collageIf worked in a matching colour this method forms a nice ridge between squares .

Join as you go

This is my “go to” joining method, mostly because if I don;’t I end up with a bag of squares for years.

Firstly complete the last round of one square.


Work the first corner cluster of the second square.

JAYG 2Insert hook in to corner chain of first square.

JAYG 3Complete a slip stitch in the corner space.

JAYG 4Slip stitch in to the space between clusters down one side of square.

Complete the second square as normal. When joining to two squares turn the corner and slip stitch between clusters on the second square.

As I have mentioned there are many, lots, more methods of joining granny squares, if you have a favourite method feel free to comment or post links.

As always please do let me know if you have any techniques you would like documenting,




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