One down…

Seven to go.

I have finished the shawl for my cozplay, I am going to Otherworlds convention  in April and my stem punk outfit needed a shawl. Something lacy that I could tie my wings to my corset through (as you do) I did try to come up with a stitch pattern of my own, but what with the loss of crochet mojo and my vow to support other designers more I opted to work the Garbo shawl by Nancy L Drew. I must say that the stitch pattern is deceptively simple and nice and relaxing to work, and with size options in the pattern it is rather versatile. I decided that as my yarn is so sparkly that I would not use beads, this lead to a tough decision about the last row of edging, eventually I decided that with out beads the “tassels” would not hang right so I left off that part of the pattern, but I WILL be using that edging another time.


I used Stylecraft twilight which is a thicker yarn than suggested so I went up to a  6mm hook, but as I like a big shawl this was of no consequence. All I need to do now is decide which shawl pin  wand to use to keep it shut.

2014-03-02 15.00.04

Also this week I went to the dentist, as is customary with anything that happens more than two days after I organise it I forgot what time my appointment was so I had to phone in the morning hoping that the appointment wasn’t the first one of the day. Phew, it was at eleven so I was in no rush and could play my on-line game for a bit. Because the appointment was at eleven I was still numb at lunch, now, followers of my Facebook page will be well aware that I do not function with out tea and as my face was numb AT THE FRONT, I had to drink my tea with a straw.

Ahhhh, tea and toast

Ahhhh, tea and toast

On the plus side I no longer have a gap in my front teeth you could drive a bus through, we’ll see how long this one lasts for.

Prompted by a friend making edible bath paint for her youngest I decided that bath paint was a good idea, but as The Hellions are past eating anything they get their hands on (well The Clone has been known to eat Geek Girls left overs) I opted for the “stuff I have to hand” non eatable bath paint   made with corn flour and bubble bath. I must admit I was a little concerned as the only food colouring we have in is the gel type, you know the stuff you add with a tooth pick because it’s so strong, the stuff that has been known to lead to toilet related panic as it does not break down on the way through the body, yeee it stained my hand as I was making it.

2014-02-24 18.01.16

Fortunately it washed off the wall no problem, there is a little blue staining on Geek Girl but it’s under her clothes so no one will know how irresponsible a parent I am. When I make more I will buy some water based colours first.

In a fit of madness on Friday afternoon I decided that the children’s Nate sets I made over Christmas needed publishing, and in my customary blinkered manor managed to get them all done in time for tea.

Lastly, I wrote a blog  post in my How to… section with handy instruction for the three major crochet stitches, pop over and have  look and tell me what you think. On Thursday I will be blogging about joining motifs with descriptions of my prefer methods and links for lots more. There are also a couple of Doctor Who charts being added to the free pattern section of the blog as soon as I finish working them up.



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