Start all over again

Hello again, this time from my new home on WordPress.

Since finishing the Helena sweater I have been a little out of sorts, this was compounded by what feels like a complete lack of interest in my facebook posts. This general malaise has lead me to moving my blog so I can use the better layouts, with the added (and unexpected) benefit for being notified when I acquire followers or get reblogged. I am hoping that the new layout and some other ideas will help my blog to replace Facebook as my primary outlet, with that in mind…

Helena sweater

What have I been doing this week?
As this week was half term and I have been shouting at the computer not a lot. As a family we have had a massive clear out (and it’s still not finished), we discovered that it helps to read the flour tub when making puff paint as plain flour does not “puff”.

puff paint Collage

As a conciliation for the non puffy paint we made blueberry muffins, they also did not puff, but tasted berry nice indeed.

2014-02-21 11.13.28

As part of the grand spring clean (that I haven’t managed to do for three years) I have taken stock of my current projects, this is not a pretty sight;

  • The Hellions’ Doctor who curtain
  • My free form sweater
  • three granny square blankets made from stash (yes I have that much)
  • An heirloom granny and chain bead spread
  • Finish the shawl I am making for comicon
  • An elf I started before Christmas
  • A latch hook rug I started ten years ago
  • A sewing project that I can’t talk about the needs to be done by yesterday

project Collage

There are also several projects in my head;

  • I need to make a bustle/tutu for comicon in April
  • Make my dread falls fit nicely under my hat for the afore mentioned comicon
  • there is a hooded pattern in my head that needs to get out

So, you know, nice and relaxed time ahead of me. I am adamant (not Adam Ant) that I will clear the back log before starting anything new, although I DID do that last time I vowed I would I have also decided I will make a concious effort to use patterns by other designers more often so we’ll see how that goes.

With all this going on I have one more task ahead of me, the new “How to…” section of the blog, I will be explaining techniques, answering crochet questions, and sharing any new crochet discoveries I make. But I need your help, if left to my own devices this could get boring very quickly so tell me what you want to know, what technique have you always wanted to try? is there a stitch that you just don’t get? ask me questions?

With that I shall say TTFN



4 thoughts on “Start all over again

  1. Welcome to wordpress! And don’t feel bad about the large stock of current projects. I have startitis lately too. I’m sitting on 7 different projects and have almost just as many projects scribbled down in my idea book!


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