This Bread Will Change Your Life.

Oooooooh, must have a go at this bread


Okaaaaayyyy, it’s not going to make you rich overnight or turn you into a catwalk model but it might turn you into a domestic goddess. You will wonder how you ever managed to live your life until now without hearing about it. I did.

I know its been blogged about before and often, Rachell got me on to it, but it’s so good I have the urge to share it with everyone I know. When you make it you might feel like that too.

It is so seriously simple and quick to make. There is some waiting involved. You will have to be patient. But it almost makes itself. You can just let it get to work in the background and get on with other things… like sleeping. Or go to work and finish it when you get home.

The original link is here with another updated version here. And…

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