Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Hell, sorry I have been away so long I got a little carried away with my latest pattern, the Helena sweater, I love the pattern, I love how it looks on both it’s name sake Helena “the tall” and my dumpy self (OK I’m not THAT dumpy)

writing the pattern was a labour of love, for two reasons.
1) I initially submitted the design to a crochet magazine so had to write seven sizes XS – 3XL, this involved a lot of hair grabbing and muttering at the computer.

Really I look and sound crazy/ like a wizard when doing the computer side of writing.
2) the cowl, I LOVE , LOVE, LOVE the cowl it is snuggely, warm, and doubles as a hood but it is fifty rows wide and I had to make two to check the sizes. 
Honestly, why do I make things with one huge boring section? you would have thought I’d have learnt from the skater dress, but NOOOOOOO. The body of the sweater is only sixty six rows long for the longest size.

SO that’s where I have been for the last month. I am planning on spending more time blogging, possibly with a stitch directory and I have some yarn related experiments in my mind.


7 thoughts on “Absence makes the heart grow fonder

  1. Glad you like the blog, pop over to the “how to” page (linked on the right) and set too on a list of stitches and techniques you like the sound of.

    I think getting bored with clothes is why I always plan on publishing the pattern, that way I HAVE to finish.


  2. The stitch directory sound very interesting (Y) and im tempted with the jumper! but I get so bored with clothes that i never finish any thing in that line :/ but knowing me ill change my mind when the mood swings lol love the blog ♥


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