Dreams and aspirations (with pictures)

I would like to tell you about who I am and who I want to be, but this story starts with a teenage me, a teenage me who wanted to be like

 Daria Morgandorffer or Enid (from Ghost world)
you know all sarcastic and aloof. The sort of person, who, when faced with the best new thing in the world  says “nice” nodes and moves on.

I feel though that I was more Claudia Donovan or this cartoon woman. You know calm and aloof for five seconds then gives up and jumps up and down clapping making happy sounds.

Some things never change I am now an adult (or so they tell me) and I am mother to two girls who are too much like there mother for their own good  wonderful and amazing, now I really want to be

the super mum, who has it all together. Never shouts, get’s the children to tidy up with just a look, never buys pre made food, doesn’t bribe the kids with sweets just for the three minuets quiet while they are eating them, and doesn’t hide behind the kitchen door eating chocolate so the kids don’t see.

In truth this woman does not exist, and we are all more like this different cartoon woman, hanging on by shear parental love, I get bonus points for being this woman because.. well.. if the hair fits 😉

I have aspirations for my older self, plans, and dreams. I am aiming to be like Mrs Fredrick (yes, more Warehouse 13, be thankful I’m not bringing Peat in to this), more cool and calm going on here (do you see a pattern?) or Granny Weatherwax.


 As I grow older and see who I am becoming I realise I will probably be basically most of Julie Walters characters, particularly Evie from Driving lessons or Nanny Ogg

 But if you think about it, that’s not a bad thing, Nanny Ogg has all the love in the world, she loves life and knows how to solve all the problems, And who doesn’t love all The Julie Walters characters. So, for now, I will be me and see where life takes me, and you know what? I look good in purple.

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