Copy, right?

As my older friends will remember I had some issues and was branded a bully when I stumbled upon a page that was using other crafters’ photos as examples of the kind of things she “can” make without crediting the actual creator (I was alerted when she stated she had knit and brushed and item that was crocheted in mohair).

And then there is the designer that got a cease and desist order from the BBC because someone was selling ADIPOSE made from her FREE pattern and they had traced it back to her, she no longer has the pattern (and others) available because of all the trauma of the legal battle.

So, as you can tell I have real issues with copy right but I also understand what a mine field it is. I see people selling crochet minion and mike hats and I want to scream at them to stop, they are copy righted and Dreamworks and Disney will come down on you like a tone of bricks. I have seen pages complaining that they have had C and D orders on them for using Disney ribbon on hair clips they are selling and shouting that it is “fan art”, well it’s not. If you are making a profit the person who holds the copy rite is entitled to a cut of the profit, fan art is the free patterns on Ravelry and the like fan art, all free. Some one, some where, put a lot of time, energy and thought in to making a recognisable, original, LIKEABLE character, don’t steal from them for your own gain.

I have made minions and Adipose for friends and family, but I do not sell them, I will teach you how to make them, no problem. But some one, some where, put a lot of time, energy and thought in to making a recognisable, original, LIKEABLE character, don’t steal from them for your own gain.

Saying all that, some companies go over the top and enforceable copy right is some times sooooo silly.
Take the Jayne hat, this is a hat made by a crew member, for a character to ware on a sci-fi show that the network CANCELLED, that is right, they didn’t think enough people liked the show to make more than one series (there was a film eventually, but I want more TV), there is an official pattern for this hat now and no one else is aloud to sell the pattern or the hats likeness.

I knitted for that boy, that is love
The premise of the hat is that Jayne’s mum made it (badly) out of leftovers and that “Man walks down the street in that hat, people know he’s not afraid of anything”. It is, however, a pretty simple ear flap hat with a pom pom on the top, any ear flap hat pattern can be used and if you don’t use the work Jayne then there is no proof you ever watched the show to be copying it. I mean it’s not like we are making replica Jayne Cobbs here (If we are I’ll be in my bunk), but it was decided that this particular hat is copy right.

Now copy right concerning things made from patterns especially is complex and changes from country to country, here in the UK I have found no written rules but it is considered polite to ask if you can sell FOs from a pattern, in the US it’s not grey, no matter what the designer says you can sell all the FOs you want, and in other places if you say not to on the pattern then no one can. So if some one wanted to make Nate hats to sell then at craft fairs next to me I would be miffed but could not stop them. I am still unsure whether it’s the country you make the thing s in or the country the pattern was written in that counts, the internet has made things difficult.

The pattern its self is all yours no one else can sell it, unfortunately there are sites out there that do just that, look out for them and stay away. They encourage people to upload copies of patterns to be sold for “coins” tat you then use to buy other patterns and, this is the bit that sticks with me, you can buy coins off the site so they are making money off patterns and the designer is getting no money at all after the initial patten sale, If you go on these sites and complain or even mention the word copy rite they will ban you and your IP address from the site.

Oooh, that was long, I’m off to make holly now. TTFN, thanks for reading.  


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