Enough about me…

…lets talk about WHO.

On Saturday I attended a craft fair in aid of SANDS, financially I did not do very well at all (but I don’t mind when it’s for charity), BUT I did get called “awesome” by some cool kids, this is where The Doctor comes in.

While I was explaining to the cool kids that all the best people drink tea, crochet, and watch Doctor Who there was much excitement for the 50th anniversary episode that was on that very night, I then explained my theory about The Doctor being the last and FIRST time lord

At Daemons run Madam Vastra “reminds” The Doctor that time lords were not always “so” and that they became that way through  “exposer to the time vortex”

Now, add that to Jenny who is the half time lord daughter/clone of The Doctor and has regeneration abilities that are as of you unknown to The Doctor (I do hope she comes back soon)

lets not forget the ever amazing River Song, a child of the TARDIS, DNA faffed with, and yes I know technically dead BUT, that is in her time line not The Doctors and her conciousness is still going strong in the library.

And my favourite companion Donna Nobel, who, after the Doctor/Donna metta crisis, has had her time lord brain/memories LOCKED, not removed, The memories could come back at any time (as they did in The end of time) so is still part time lord.

NOW, I have more to say about Donna, when she returned in Partners in crime an awfully bug fuss was made about there being NO absolutely NO chance of romance, I found that suspicious at the time so with metta crisis’s and shenanigans I have decided that Donna is The Doctors mum AND the mystery woman who appears to Wilf in the end of time.

So now you know how much thought I put in to my fandoms (oh yes plural, I am so Superwholock hooker) it does rather explain why I can never settle for five min at at time, but that’s why you love me isn’t it.

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