Ever such devoted sisters

look at that smile

I have three brothers, so there is no novelty factor there. But I only have one sister, look there she is. She is two years and five days older than me, those five days caused a lot of trauma to my little brain as a child with the cry of “why is Linsey’s birthday ALWAYS before mine?” repeated year after year. Now birthdays is one of the big differences between my sister and I, our birthdays are very close to Christmas, Linsey HATES her December birthday and woe betide any one who uses Christmas wrapping paper on her birthday present. I, on the other hand, LOVE it. Every one is in the party mood. Maybe that five days is more important than we thought.

We did not get along as children, one little bit. The biggest example is the Cindy doll and I would like to take this opportunity to apologise. When I was about three Linsey bought herself a Cindy, this was with her own money, she had done jobs around the house to earn this money as my mum disapproved of fashion dolls and if she wanted it badly enough she’d save for it (I never did get the gun and holster I wanted, obviously a stick was good enough for me). Before I tell you what I did I need to say I really did think it was a good thing, but, I cut that Cindy doll’s hair, to the jaw line, and it wasn’t straight. Now, our mum styled the dolls hair and made her look better but it wasn’t the same, and this is where things get really bad, this is what I am sorry for deep in the depths of my heart. Are you ready? are your prepared for the horror? not only did I pull the head off that doll (It did go back on again) I noticed how the hair was attached, and with the aid of a 2mm crochet hook (eh signs were there all along) I pulled the hair out from inside the head and gave that Cindy a Mohawk, for no other reason than I could.

  Sorry Linsey
Baby Bro is the most glamorous child
Another example of our differences is the night out, our mum decided we should go out and “have fun”, there are many reasons this did not work, one is that we have very different tastes in music so where ever we went the music was wrong for one of us. Another reason is that Linsey will get offended on my behalf when people comment negatively on any aspect of my being, personally I don’t care what strangers say about be but it would anger and upset my sister, who would then
not understand why I don’t care and why I wasn’t defending myself, THIS would eventually result in a fight on the way home and by the next morning we would not be on speaking terms   

Linsey’s babysitting skills needed improvement 

These days we get on a lot better, we are still chalk and cheese, but since The Clone was born one (or both) of us have changed. Linsey loves taking The Hellions out for treats and The Hellions love her inherited daughter (I love that little nutter to bits myself). I have a standing baby sitting appointment for Halloween every year (sorry Billy) and Linsey looked after The Clone for two days while I was in hospital having Geek Girl, she was a tad disappointed at the planned C-section and had been rather looking forward to a mad dash in the middle of the night.
One last difference before I go, I am a computer activist, I will sign petitions, and rant in blogs, and do all kinds of things from in front of the computer. Linsey DOES. She participated in the great north swim and beat her pool time in open water. That aspect mentioned ^ up there about getting offended on my behalf is now being used for good. Linsey is a Suffragette and organised a walk for women this year, she even got us mentioned in the local paper.
Swim Diddy, Swim

How to add style to your cause 
The last thing (promise) I would like to say is that she found the perfect outlet to my lack of  caring about other people opinions 
use each others skills 


6 thoughts on “Ever such devoted sisters

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  2. Surely by butchering Cindy's hair you helped shape her career? 😉
    Your lovely sister was my first girl-crush 😀
    Very impressed with the great north swim! I'm shivering at the thought 🙂


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